Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

In this post Top 7 Best RAM for Ryzen 7 2700X we discuss best RAM’s for Ryzen7 2700x, When you wish to purchase a brand new system, be it on Intel or AMD, eventually, you’ll need to take a look at DDR4 memory. But with the huge quantity of various kits, what precisely do you have to look out for? In this post, I’ll attempt to go over that for the Ryzen 7 2700x (which must also maintain true for the opposite Pinnacle Ridge CPUs). But first I wish to clarify that for gaming the efficiency hole will solely actually present between the totally different memory kits in case you are CPU and never GPU restricted, so there in all probability will likely be a smaller distinction (if any in any respect) between a slower and a sooner RAM equipment if you find yourself taking part in at 4k UHD in comparison with 1080p as a result of at greater resolutions you’re extra GPU restricted.

The very first thing you’ll in all probability discover differing between totally different kits is their clock speeds, e.g. 2400MHz, 3000MHz, 3200MHz, and so forth. This is among the vital components that can have an effect on your efficiency. Here greater is healthier, however after all that doesn’t essentially imply that going greater and better gives you extra efficiency in real-world functions, however I’ll go into somewhat extra element about this afterward. The second factor you might discover when taking a look at totally different RAM kits are their timings, most notably their CAS latency (CL). They can be vital in your efficiency and in addition give perception in some instances relating to the producer of the memory.

Another level that I wish to handle is the rank of RAM. The two sorts that seem these days are single and twin rank memory modules. In this community post, there’s a quick rationalization as to what meaning as well as some efficiency figures with totally different settings. But briefly, twin rank memory appears to be a bit sooner than single rank memory on similar speeds nevertheless it won’t be capable of attaining the identical pace that single rank RAM does (and so it won’t overclock pretty much as good as single rank too). Most of the time 8GB modules and under appear to be single rank whereas 16GB sticks are often twin rank., and the very last thing that I wish to point out is the channel configuration which may even have a big effect on efficiency relying on the workload. The Ryzen 7 2700x helps twin channel memory configurations which signify that two sticks of memory must be plugged into the corresponding slots on the motherboard which can successfully double the bandwidth in comparison with a single channel.

At the top, all that’s left to say is, whereas Ryzen loves memory and across the 3200MHz mark is the candy spot, finally, the choice is as much as you whether or not you wish to purchase quick RAM equipment with low latencies and spend somewhat bit additional for that or should you’re going for somewhat bit slower memory and avoid wasting cash there. It additionally depends upon the aim and the workloads of your system (and for gaming additionally in your graphics card). More CPU-intensive and memory bandwidth dependent duties will revenue from sooner RAM with tight timings, whereas in different workloads you may even see no enhance in any respect from going with higher, costlier memory.

The quantity of RAM you wish to get can also be depending on the aforementioned factors and whereas for gaming 8GB is the naked minimal these days, 16GB will likely be significantly better and may final you for some time.   So, What is the Best RAM for the Ryzen 2700x Processor? While getting a great processor is significant, it’s additionally vital to keep in mind that different elements are simply as essential in case your PC is de facto going to fly. One very important piece of this technological puzzle is the kind of memory, also called RAM, included within the setup.

What precisely does RAM do?

Getting the precise RAM is essential for gaming PC efficiency because it permits information to be saved and retrieved immediately, enabling fast and seamless gameplay. For non-gaming PCs, the precise RAM is significant for preserving your PC operating speedily, particularly throughout intensive processes like video and picture enhancing. No matter what the aim of your PC, becoming the best RAM is significant. But how are you aware of which kind to purchase? This is the place our useful little information is available. Over the course of this text, we are going to talk about why good high-quality RAM is vital, what to search for when shopping for RAM, and which RAM modules are the best for the Ryzen 2700x proper now. Let’s get began.


Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X List

Design Model Check Price on Amazon
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X G.Skill Flare X 16GB 3200MHz CL14 Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X G.Skill Trident Z RGB Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X G.Skill Ripjaws V Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X Corsair Vengeance LPX Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM Check Price
Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X Adata Spectrix D80 Check Price


Optimal RAM pace for Ryzen 7 2700X

RAM pace (and timings/latency) is very vital for Ryzen due to the infinity cloth it makes use of to attach the 2 CCXs (CPU complicated) which is essentially impacted by memory latency and bandwidth. The basic consensus is that 3200MHz RAM is the candy spot by way of price-to-performance ratio. Up until that time, you will notice an honest efficiency bump for every enhances in clock pace. After that, you will notice diminishing returns, and typically no efficiency enhances in any respect anymore. And if you wish to get probably the most efficiency out of your memory then 3200MHz modules with CL14 are what you wish to go for as they home.


1. G.Skill Flare X 16GB 3200MHz CL14

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

The G.Skill Flare X sequence was launched alongside the primary generation of Ryzen and was additionally optimized for that goal, so of course, that is one which could be very common and advisable amongst Ryzen house owners. It is a 16gb equipment consisting out of two 8gb modules utilizing a black PCB and black, shiny warmth spreaders, so it ought to look simply advantageous in most programs. It comes with an XMP-profile utilizing 3200MHz with timings of 14-14-14-34 at 1.35 Volts and makes use of Samsung B-Dies which is perfect from an efficiency standpoint, and thus it overclocks very well (if you wish to overclock your B-Dies these timings by The Stilt are a great start line for that, however, keep in mind that simply because it really works for some individuals doesn’t essentially imply that it’s going to work for your self). It has a peak of 40mm and as such, it ought to match under a lot of the large tower-style coolers, however not all of them. As the equipment is optimized for Ryzen it really works on the specified pace and timings for nearly everybody.


  • DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600)
  • Timing 14-14-14-34
  • Cas Latency 14
  • XMP enabled for Ryzen

But after all, there may be one drawback and that’s the value. It is available at around $225 which is across the value a lot of the 16gb kits of 3200MHz CL14 memory is positioned. In conclusion, meaning, if you wish to get the utmost out of your system, then this equipment is an excellent choice, particularly if you tweak the timings and frequency, however, if you need worth then you might wish to look into a few of the different selections. In the PC {hardware} area these days, there must be RGB after all which additionally naturally consists of RGB memory. I can’t actually resolve which one is the best as a result of that’s totally different for every particular person. But my top selections if you need RGB RAM are both the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro or the G.Skill Trident Z RGB.

  • High clock pace of 3200MHz
  • Low latency at solely 14ms
  • Specifically designed for Ryzen PCs
  • Looks somewhat boring
  • No fancy LEDs
  • Quite costly

View on Amazon

2. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

The Vengeance RGB Pro sequence of memory from Corsair was launched very lately around mid-2018. They can be found in several configurations with both 8GB or 16GB modules starting from 16GB to 128GB kits with speeds beginning at 2666MHz all the best way as much as 4266MHz.The candy spot right here for many customers could be the 3000/3200MHz 16GB kits. If you need efficiency, there are 3200MHz CL14 memory modules utilizing Samsung B-die which naturally are somewhat bit extra on the costly facet, however, there are additional modules on a similar pace with CL16 which are less expensive coming in at around $180.


  • Dynamic multi-zone RGB lighting
  • Next-generation software
  • Custom performance PCB
  • Tightly screened memory. Maximum bandwidth and tight response times. SPD Voltage 1.2 Volt
  • Compatibility: Intel 100 Series,Intel 200 Series,Intel 300 Series,Intel X299,AMD 300 Series,AMD 400 Series,AMD X570
  • High memory clock pace
  • Efficient DDR4 expertise
  • Wireless operation
  • Synchronized lighting with the system
  • iCUE embedded software program
  • Lesser memory area

One factor it’s important to think about nonetheless is that they’re unusually high coming in at around 51mm, which implies they won’t match under a lot of the large air coolers, however, you in all probability wouldn’t wish to cowl them up both manner. You’ll have the choice between black and white warmth spreaders. And after all, probably the most distinguishing characteristic is the attractive lightbar housing 10 LEDs on the top protecting the whole size of the modules. At the second you may regulate the lighting both by way of the iCUE app from Corsair, MSIs Mystic Light, or Gigabyte RGB Fusion, whereas ASUS Aura Sync assist is supposedly being labored on.


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3. G.Skill Trident Z RGB

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

Being one of many first RGB RAM to be launched at the beginning of 2017, the Trident Z RGB memory from G.Skill continues to be a very fashionable choice. It helps all the primary motherboard producers RGB software program (Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome RGB). Just just like the Vengeance RGB Pro, G.Skill additionally presents a really large lineup with both 8GB or 16GB modules resulting in kits with as much as 128GB and ranging speeds beginning at 2400MHz going all the best way as much as 4600MHz.


  • TridentZ RGB Series – 16GB DDR4 kit – 2x 8GB matched modules
  • Timings of CL16 (16-18-18-38) at 1.35V
  • Unique heatsink design with vibrant RGB LEDs
  • Specifically engineered for the Intel-based platforms
  • 3200MHz memory speed, PC4-25600, 288 pins per module

Similarly, there are 3200MHz CL14 and in addition CL16 kits, with the latter one coming in around $170. One factor to pay attention to is that G.Skill went on to launch AMD-optimized memory kits later one which may be recognized by way of the X on the finish of the model title (e.g. F4-3200C16D-16GTZRvs. F4-3200C16D-16GTZRX). They are good to get when they’re shut in value to the unique, non-AMD-optimized Trident Z RGB, however not obligatory because it appears, as a result of the second generation of Ryzen has higher memory compatibility than the primary. They should not as tall because the Vengeance RGB Pro coming in at around 44mm. I personally choose the seems to be of the Corsair RGB RAM, however, that’s one thing that every particular person has to resolve for themselves, both manners, each of them is good selections and has an enormous lineup to select from.

  • High memory clock speeds obtainable for super-fast entry
  • Low latency
  • LED lights that may be synchronized throughout modules
  • The good overclocking potential resulting from incredible warmth safety
  • Not the most affordable memory, particularly at greater clock speeds
  • Modules are fairly massive

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4. G.Skill Ripjaws V

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

The newest addition to the Ripjaws lineup is a superb finances choice, particularly the Ripjaws V 16GB 3200MHz CL16 equipment coming in at just under $140. But after all, G.Skill additionally gives a big lineup right here with 4, Eight, or 16GB modules creating 8GB to 128GB kits between 2133MHz and 4000MHz. This is nice should you solely need 8GB of RAM for now and improve afterward as well.


  • DDR4 memory upgrade designed for Intel 6th Gen Core CPUs
  • 16GB Dual Channel memory kit – two matched 8GB modules
  • Full timings of CL16 (16-18-18-38) at 1.35V
  • PC4-25600 specification, rated to operate at speeds up to 3200MHz
  • 288-pin DDR4 memory, equipped with G.Skill Ripjaws V Black Heatsinks for improved heat dissipation

You have the choice between 5 totally different warmth spreader colors, particularly black, purple, silver, grey, and blue (however not each memory equipment is accessible in all the colors). It stands at around 42mm tall, so equally to the Flare X, the desire in all probability match under a lot of the air coolers, however not all of them. If you need an easy design whereas not spending an excessive amount of cash however nonetheless get good efficiency, the Ripjaws V will present that to you.

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5. Corsair Vengeance LPX

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X

The final RAM that I wish to cowl right here is the Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM. They are additionally very finances pleasant with an easy, but good trying design, coming near the value of the Ripjaws V, however, the primary purpose why I’m together with them right here is their low-profile design. They are available at solely 34mm which signifies that they need to be capable of the match under all large tower-style coolers.


  • Designed for high performance overclocking
  • Designed for great looks; SPD Speed: 2133MHz
  • Performance and compatibility
  • Low profile heat spreader design
  • Compatibility: Intel 100 Series, Intel 200 Series, Intel 300 Series, Intel X299

They are additionally supplied in various sizes and speeds with 4, Eight, and 16GB modules making up 8GB to 128GB kits beginning at 2133MHz and going all the best way as much as 4600MHz. Similarly to the Ripjaws, they’re obtainable in several colors: black, blue, purple, and white. So, when you have an enormous air cooler and need some low-profile memory that matches under it, the Vengeance LPX lineup gives you an enormous lineup with a good value. The CORSAIR has designed the RAM with tightly screened memory to make the most of the lesser area potential without a flaw for high-end gaming. It has far better sign energy, bandwidth, and low power consumption than its predecessor DDR3 sequence.

CORSAIR checks all its merchandise on a number of programs earlier than coming to the market. Still, if it doesn’t work, Amazon has obtained you coated with its hassle-free 30-day money-back assure and vendor insurance coverage if the merchandise is defected or damaged when received. The 2×8 16GB RAM has a complete memory pace of 3200 MHz and DRAM expertise with a C16 memory equipment construction. It is accessible in Eight totally different colors, match it along with your motherboard earlier than shopping for with comfort.

  • High-speed with a 3200 MHz clock pace – should you fancy somewhat overclocking
  • Compatible with all fashionable AMD and Intel motherboards
  • Good warmth dissipation for overclocking
  • Not the best-looking RAM and no LEDs


View on Amazon

6. Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM

Fury by title and fury by nature. The Kingston HyperX Fury is a superb, versatile answer in your Ryzen 2700x Processor rig. Coming in an enormous array of module sizes as much as 64GB and speeds between 2400MHz and 2666MHz, it is a nice answer for these seeking to give their house PC a memory enhancer. While the Fury RAM doesn’t include fancy LEDs, it’s placing in an all matte black end and features a computerized overclocking characteristic. Be cautious, nonetheless, that some retailers nonetheless maintain inventory for the older Fury DDR3 modules, so be sure you’re getting the updated DDR4 RAM earlier than laying down your hard-earned money.

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X



  • Updated low-profile heat spreader design
  • Cost-efficient, high-performance DDR4 upgrade
  • Intel XMP-ready profiles optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets
  • Available in fast speeds up to 3466 MHz
  • Plug N Play functionality at 2400MHz and 2666MHz


  • Automatic overclocking takes the ache out of boosting your PC
  • Looks nice in matte black (though different colors can be found)
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Good choice of sizes and speeds
  • Cheaper than 3200Mhz RAM
  • No pace choices above 2666Mhz
  • No LEDs

The overclocking range is between 1300MHz to 1866MHz with the moment frequency attainment when putting in. The RAM is examined on a number of motherboards individually earlier than being fed to the market, there’s no probability it malfunctions when putting in. The memory equipment is LAN-ready and has a decent screening, most bandwidth, and clever host system recognition characteristic. There’s an entire product guarantee with lifetime technical help for all of the HyperX merchandise together with Fury 8GB equipment. Get in contact with the producer every time wanted together with the lifetime guarantee

Buy Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM

6. Adata Spectrix D80

If you’re seeking to construct an all-out gaming rig, then the flashy Adata Spectrix D80 may very well be proper up your road. These RAM modules will assist your PC to gentle up the room whereas preserving your machine operating as quickly as it may.

Top 7 Best RAM for the Ryzen 7 2700X


  • Unique Liquid-Cooled RGB Module
  • Aluminum heatsink for Additional Heat Dissipation
  • 10-layer PCB to improved signaling quality and stability
  • Free RGB control APP – XPG RGB Sync APP to suit your system theme
  • Compatible with most major motherboard RGB control APP
  • The coolest trying RAM on our record
  • LEDs lighting is unbelievable
  • Super-fast speeds obtainable
  • Low latency
  • At greater speeds may be actually costly
  • Not the smallest chips and may be tough to put in

The Spectrix D80 range is available in quite a lot of sizes (as much as 64GB modules) and speeds (as much as 5000MHz) and provides super-low latency to fulfill probably the most intensive gaming setups. On top of this, the Spectrix D80 is liquid-cooled permitting for good overclocking potential.

Buy Adata Spectrix D80

What ought to I search for in my RAM buy?

When deciding on RAM in your PC some features are essential. Here is our record of what to look out for:

RAM kind – As with all expertise, computer memory has developed through the years to develop into bigger and sooner. With every new generation comes a brand new figuring out the title, with RAM usually going by the DDR moniker. DDR5 continues to be far on the horizon so presently DDR4 is the king of the crop and provides lightning speeds and enormous capacities. If you need pace in your PC then it’s important you purchase DDR4.

Size does matter Most PCs include both 8GBs or 16GBs of RAM. While 8GBs are advantageous for house and workplace use, players and PCs that run intensive functions will see an enormous profit with 16GBs. The basic rule is extra is healthier, though placing greater than 16GBs in most computer systems may have little or no impact on efficiency.

Feel the necessity for pace The very first thing you’ll in all probability discover when taking a look at totally different RAM kits is that they arrive with all kinds of various clock speeds, e.g. 2400MHz, 3000MHz, 3200MHz, and so forth. As you’ve in all probability guessed, the pace is among the most vital factors in PC efficiency. Higher is healthier. Simple.

Timing is every part Another factor to look out for when shopping for RAM is the timing of the memory chips, most notably the CAS latency. CAS latency is how long it takes for RAM to enter a selected set of knowledge. Unlike clock speeds, a decrease is healthier.

Ryzen 7 2700x memory compatibility

If you’re shopping for RAM for an AMD Ryzen 2700x processor-powered PC there are a few different issues to recollect. Firstly, the Ryzen 7 2700x helps twin channel memory configurations which imply two memory sticks have to be plugged into the motherboard, not one. This is nice for bandwidth however will add an additional consideration when buying RAM. Secondly, the Ryzen processors formally assist RAM with clock speeds of as much as 2933MHz. Anything above that’s technically overclocking the PC. This might sound scary however most often speeds of as much as 3200MHz ought to work advantageous and trigger no points.

So, what’s the best ram for the Ryzen 2700x Here is our record of the six best RAM modules to purchase when you have a Ryzen 2700x processor:

The second generation of Ryzen processors formally helps as much as 2933MHz, so that’s the pace that you’re just about assured to attain, every part after that’s overclocking territory for these CPUs, however more often than not as much as 3200MHz ought to work simply advantageous for most individuals. The best factor to do to start with is to look into the QVL of your motherboard as a result of it lists what RAM modules had been examined to work on that particular board, so simply because one set of memory modules work on one motherboard for instance that doesn’t imply it’s going to work on all the different obtainable ones.

But that additionally doesn’t imply that as a result of selected RAM equipment isn’t on the QVL it won’t work in your motherboard, it simply signifies that it wasn’t examined by the producer and also you don’t know if it’s going to work till you plug it in. The most RAM pace it is possible for you to attain additionally depends upon your motherboard so that you won’t essentially be capable of run the memory at a sure pace simply because another person managed to do it. And the very last thing to recollect right here is the rank of the RAM. As I stated earlier twin rank memory won’t clock as high as single rank memory and according to this discussion it looks as if around 3200MHz is the restrict for twin rank RAM on the second generation of Ryzen whereas many individuals are in a position to push single rank modules a lot additional than that.

Summary – Best RAM for the Ryzen 2700x

In this post Top 7 Best RAM for Ryzen 7 2700X we discuss best RAM’s for Ryzen7 2700x,  We know it may be troublesome discovering the Best RAM for the Ryzen 2700x processor, however with the assistance of our useful little information it’s best to now be well-armed to exit and make a purchase order. All the merchandise we have now mentioned provide wonderful efficiency at a large range of value factors. Give them an attempt. You won’t be disenchanted.

If you like you can also check the best motherboards for Ryzen 2700x

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