Best Motherboard For 10600k

Best Motherboard For 10600k

Don’t waste time. AMD Ryzen processors are killing Intel in the high-end market, but there’s still competition in the low-end. Intel Core i5-10600K and AMD Ryzen 5 5600X are popular budget processors. Each hexacore processor has 12 threads. AMD beats Core i5 in multi-core tests. The Intel Core i5 10600K processor is great for gaming. … Read more

How to sync a PS4 controller

how to sync ps4 controller

Although the PS4 has a solid reputation, you can expect troubles when your console approaches “last-gen” status. In reality, new problems are identified on a daily basis. If you’re new to the PlayStation 4, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You might not know how to connect and utilise the wireless controllers, for example. … Read more

Best AM3+ CPUS

Best AM3+ CPUS

9 Best AM3+ CPUS AMD is known for producing high-end devices and cutting-edge computer gear. AM3+ has been included to the list of the best programming products. When we talk about the best AM3+ CPU for PC installation, we’re talking about the one that gives your computer one of the fastest speeds conceivable. The market … Read more

Ghost of Tsushima On PC

ghost of tsushima pc

PC Ghost of Tsushima? With each new launch, the GeForce Now leak looks more likely. Last year, a lot of data from the NVIDIA GeForce Now servers got out, and many unannounced games were shown. A spokesperson from Nvidia said that the company even confirmed that the list was real: ‘NVIDIA IS AWARE OF AN … Read more

Mafia 4 Updates

mafia 4

MAFIA 4 IS A GAME SICILY PLAYS IN THE 19TH CENTURY, ACCORDING TO THE LATEST RUMOR. More reports concerning Mafia-style prequels say that it will be focused on the character of Don Salieri and will be more linear than the last instalment. This week, Take-Two discussed growing its games earnings by producing twice as many … Read more

Intel 10850k CPU Cooler

Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K

Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K The best CPU cooler’s purpose is to keep your CPU from overheating, ensuring you get the best performance. If you’re just getting started with overclocking, a CPU cooler will help you maximise your CPU’s untapped potential. Even if you’re running stock parts, it’s still a good idea to … Read more