Best motherboard for i9 9900K

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Best Motherboards for i9-11900K

Intel’s eleventh-generation Rocket Lake desktop processors have finally been released. According to our initial impressions, the i9 11900K is capable of some hardcore speed and efficiency. However, it’s still made using the 14mm manufacturing process, a bit of a letdown from Intel, considering AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPUs have already made significant progress in the nanometre race.

It remains to be seen how the CPU works in real-world situations, but based on the specs, Intel’s i9-11900K has 8 cores and 16 threads, with a base clock speed of up to 3.5 GHz and boost rates of up to 5.3 GHz.

It’s also built on the Cypress Cove core structure, which promises to reduce latency by a mile and increase Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) efficiency by a whopping 19 percent.

Because of its high performance, the Intel i9-11900K is likely to heat up quickly, so keep in mind that you’ll need a good cooling system in place if you want the CPU to last.

Ideally, for pro-gamers on the market, the i9 11900Know comes with PCIe 4.0 support, implying that it will work with some of the most powerful SSDs and GPUs available. Each Z490 and subsequent Z590 motherboard will come with the processor pre-installed.

If you’ve decided on a system that contains Intel’s latest eleventh Gen processor, the next big decision you’ll have to make is which motherboard will help you get the most performance out of it.

Now that the market is flooded with a wide range of Z590 motherboards for various form factors and use cases, choosing the proper one might be daunting.

Our Best 30 Motherboards Recommendations For i9-11900K


#1. ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero

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Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 14+2 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 15 | Warranty: 3 Years

The Asus ROG series includes four Z590 motherboards with various features to meet a variety of needs. The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero is the greatest performer of the four. There are usually minor differences among the several high-performing boards. Nonetheless, the ASUS Maximus XIII outperformed them all because of its well-balanced feature set and excellent efficiency, making it an All-in-One motherboard for our gaming needs.

With the last Gen flagship 10900K at maxed-out settings, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is a taxing beast that only manages 30FPS. The Intel 11900K generated around 20% more efficiency on this board than the previous king, which tells us a lot about its capabilities. When combined with the top killer 11900K, this motherboard consistently delivers secure and greater efficiency in most video games.

The Maximus XIII boasts 14+2 90A power levels and an extra-large heatsink to provide excellent overclocking capability without breaking a sweat, with temperatures seldom exceeding 45°C even in Intel burn tests. It can support as much as 128GB of RAM, and the motherboard can overclock to 5333MHz. It also assists as much as 04 M.2 SSDs for faster and more comprehensive storage. It offers all of the most up-to-date capabilities, such as dual-band ethernet, tri-band WIFI-6E, and Bluetooth 5.2, making it the finest motherboard for the i9 11900k.

  • Two-Way AI Noise-Cancelation
  • 14+2 VRM for secure overclocking
  • WI-FI 6E, and BT 5.2, Dual-band 2.5G Ethernet assist

  • No U.2 Ports
  • Hefty price ticket
  • No Legacy Interfaces


#2. Gigabyte Z590 AORUS MASTER

Best motherboard for i9 9900K



Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 18+1 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 10 | Warranty: 3 Year Gigabyte Aorus lineup is legendary for its gaming-centric features and efficiency. Master is the high-end variant amongst Auros 4 (Master, Pro, Elite, and Ultra) variants. Gigabyte Z590 AORUS MASTER is the latest gem within the Auros Master lineup with superior efficiency and an affordable price ticket.

Take a look at its huge 18+1 90A VRMs, which provide higher overclocking capability (it can reach 5.2GHz on 10900K), but its temperature never rises above 70°C during the benchmark test. Because of PCIe 4.0 support, this motherboard has many advantages over the previous-generation chipset (2x bandwidth than PCIe3.0). In most AAA games, it offers above 120FPS at 1080p when paired with the latest Intel 11900K processor.

Furthermore, the boards take advantage of the processor’s higher single-core efficiency and give an incredible performance in processor-intensive video games like Far Cry 5 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (175+FPS). In overclock mode, the newest processor could support up to 5400MHz RAM. Because it features 03 M.2 Storage slots that are thermally protected by double-sided heatsinks, it is dubbed the best motherboard for i9 11900k.

Although that isn’t a huge concern, many high-end motherboards come with two LAN connections, but gigabyte managed to get by with just one. But, with a plethora of features, a plethora of USB ports, and cutting-edge thermal efficiency, it’s the greatest flagship motherboard for the i9 11900k.


  • Latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports
  • PCIe 4.0 assist and three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots
  • Optimum cooling with high-efficiency heat sinks
  • No assist for SLI
  • No SATA Controllers
  • Only one Ethernet port


#3. MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE Gaming


Best motherboard for i9 9900K


Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 20+0 | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 15 | Warranty: 3 Years

Though the MSI MEG series as a whole focuses on providing the best overclocking performance, the GODLIKE model stands out. MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE Gaming is the most recent and most advanced version of the GODLIKE lineup, providing stable VRM functionality, the most up-to-date features, and the most up-to-date tools required for the highest efficiency boost that enthusiasts want. The MSI GODLIKE is essentially the most feature-rich motherboard money can buy.

It has a 20-level, 90-amp power supply that is reliable and provides the best and safest overclocking experience possible with the latest 11900K processor without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, thanks to its FROZR heatsinks, aluminum plate on the back, FROZR shields for M.2 drives, and wavy fins for excellent heat dissipation, it has one of the greatest thermal performances. When you look at the features, you’ll notice that MSI hasn’t left any stone untouched. It has all of the latest features, including Thunderbolt 4 ports, USB 3.2 Gen2, Gen 1 ports, and even older USB 2.0 ports.

Furthermore, as the best motherboard for the i9 11900k, it comes with twin 10G and a pair.

For lightning-fast connectivity and enhanced online experience, 5G ethernet and the fastest WIFI 6E are used. It’s the greatest i9-11900k motherboard money can buy right now due to its exceptional features and supreme efficiency.

  • 2oz Thick copper for PCB design
  • 20+0 VRM for extreme overclocking
  • Steel armored PCIe slots for excellent durability

  • No DDL assist
  • It only fits heavy builds
  • Premium price ticket however absolutely justified


#4. ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus



Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 14+2 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 07 | Warranty: 3 Years ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus is the newest version within the ASUS TUF lineup well-known for its sturdy build, stable efficiency, and pocket-friendly price ticket. It affords premium features like PCIe 4.0 assist and 14+2 stage DrMoss VRM for unbelievable speeds and sturdy overclocking efficiency at a fraction of the value of premium motherboards.

TUF Z590 maintained a mean of 170+FPS in Far Cry 5 and 155+FPS in Shadow of Tomb Raider(1080P MAX settings) with the latest Intel 11900K, which is a significant improvement over the final generation Z490 motherboards. If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice performance, that is the finest motherboard for an i9 11900k on a tight budget.

Its overclocking and thermal efficiency are adequate, if not exceptional. The CPU achieved a maximum temperature of 100°C, while the VRM had a maximum temperature of 62.5°C, which is rather normal. In terms of features, this board is a no-brainer. Despite being in the budget phase, it only includes the essential components such as a single 2.5G Ethernet port, WIFI 6, and one M.2 slot. However, for the majority of clients, this is sufficient.

  • Multi-GPU assist
  • Dual Channel Memory Architecture
  • Aesthetically pleasing RGB lighting with AURA Sync

  • Only one M.2 v4.0 slot
  • Only one PCIe 4.0 slot
  • No Thunderbolt 4 port on the rear





Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+1 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 10 | Warranty: 3 12 months

GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Elite AX belongs to the mid-range lineup of the GIGABYTE AORUS lineup. However, its efficiency is definitely not common. It packs a 12+1 VRM module that gives secure overclocking expertise, and its superior aesthetics (black and silver scheme and AORUS embossed heatsink) make it shine via your case. It additionally helps DDR4 as much as 128GB and 5000MHz(OC).

This good i9-11900k motherboard offers wonderful thermal efficiency ensured by full protection VRM heatsink, thermal pad, and M.2 thermal guard heatsink. Its PCIe and RAM slots are armored plated for prolonged life and durability. Moreover, it offers customizable lighting with RGB fusion 2.0 header control that provides volumes to its attraction. It additionally boasts two full PCIe slots, however only certainly one of them is v4.0; the opposite one is simply v3.0, which can be a setback for some, however till newer graphic playing cards are launched that genuinely make the most of the PCIe 4.0 bandwidth, it isn’t a giant deal.

It additionally packs all the newest useful features like 2.5G LAN and WIFI 6, and two M.2 slots, only certainly one of which is v4.0. Overall being the best motherboard for i9-11900k, it’s a well-rounded package deal for most hardcore customers that doesn’t break your financial institution.

  • 5 W/mK LAIRD Thermal Conductivity Pad
  • Easy Installation with Pre-installed IO Shield
  • Decent aesthetics and customizable RGB lighting
  • No twin Ethernet ports
  • Only one PCIe 4.0 port
  • Actual assist might fluctuate by CPU




Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 16 | PCIe x16: 1 | USB Ports: 11 | Warranty: 3 Years ASUS Maximus lineup motherboards are designed to check the upper ends of overclocking and efficiency. Formula sequences are well-known for their liquid cooling assist and different premium features, which are only a part of choose motherboards. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA is a gem of the earlier Z490 chipset and the newest 11900K processor with an easy BIOS improvement.

Though newer Gen Z590 motherboards are out there with PCIe v4.0 assist, this board doesn’t in the meantime. But ASUS might discover an option to kind it out with a replacement identical to MSI. The 16 part power supply module is powerful for secure, and environment-friendly overclocking without heating a lot and delivers an improbable high-quality gaming expertise. Formula XII is certainly a feature-rich motherboard. It packs features like 10G ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, first-rate aesthetics, OLED display panel, and superior liquid cooling assist, making a fanatic dream come true. It is the best motherboard for i9 11900k within the Z490 chipset.

  • OLED display panel
  • Built-in liquid cooling features
  • 5-way Optimization with AI Overclocking
  • Disabled PCIEX1
  • No USB Controllers
  • No PCIe 4.0 assist in the mean time


#7. MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming


Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Form Factor: ATX | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 16+1 | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 15 | Warranty: 3 Years

MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming belongs to the upper-middle phase of the MSI MEG lineup, lining below the extreme GODLIKE variations. They present close to GODLIKE efficiency at virtually half the value. It packs 16+1 VRM(cooled by thicker heatsink), which effortlessly overlocked the 10900K to five.2GHz without testing the thermal limits of the CPU or the VRMs. Although it doesn’t assist PCIe 4.0, MSI promised {that a} BIOS replace can be quickly on how.

It helps as much as 128Gb of RAM (DDR4) as much as a clock speed of 4800MHz. The RAM slots are additionally protected by Steel armor for wonderful reliability and power. However, the chipset heatsink is comparatively tiny, connected with the three M.2 heatsinks for higher floor space and higher thermal efficiency.

ACE gaming has all the mandatory features that one expects in a premium and best motherboard for i9-11900k, besides Thunderbolt 4 port (which isn’t included). But it makes up for it with three M.2 Slots and 6 SATA ports, WIFI 6, and Bluetooth 5.1. Overall, it is a superb, enthusiastic motherboard with distinctive efficiency and superior aesthetics, making building a PC a breeze with every little thing you assume for your i9-11900k motherboard.

  • Three M.2 slots
  • Excellent 6-layer PCB design
  • AMD 3-way CrossfireX & 2-way SLI assist
  • Compatibility points
  • No Thunderbolt 4 port
  • No M.2 drive set up without heatsink elimination


#8. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming




Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 14+2 | PCIe x16: 1 | USB Ports: 17 | Warranty: 3 Years ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming additionally belongs to the upper-middle class of ASUS ROG Lineup, mendacity below the Maximus XII sequence. Although it’s no match for the flagship Maximus XII in features, it affords superb overclocking expertise and superior efficiency that almost all hardcore avid gamers crave, making it the best i9-11900k motherboard for gaming.

Z490-E Gaming packs a 14+2 part power supply module that boasts wonderful overclocking functionality and helps extra cooling fans planning for extreme overclocking. The chipset and the twin M.2 slots are additionally lined in heatsinks for improved thermal effectivity. It packs a 2.5G high-end Intel chip and WIFI 6, permitting as much as 2.5Gbps of knowledge switch rate. The RAM assist is DDR4 128GB which is normal today for high-end boards. RAM can use as much as 4600MHz in OC mode. The EZ BIOS permits superior customization to the board peripherals and display sensor knowledge. This board packs all of the features present in premium boards at a lower cost level.

  • Integrated WIFI 6 and BT 5.1
  • 4 x DIMM, Max. 128GB, DDR4
  • High constancy audio with SupremeFX S1220A
  • No assist for PCIe x4
  • Single USB Type-C port
  • No onboard power/reset buttons



Best motherboard for i9 9900K



Socket: LGA 1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 18 Phase | PCIe x16: 4 | USB Ports: 16 | Warranty: 4 Years

If you’re an enthusiast-level gamer or content material creator, you’ll fall in love with this highly effective i9 9900k motherboard. MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 deserves each tech lover’s consideration. It is tough to pick out any flaw on this motherboard. As the title suggests, this motherboard has enthusiast-level onboard additions, making it the best motherboard for i9-9900k.

It can examine the temperature of the CPU through a gap beneath the socket for extreme overclocking, primarily utilizing Nitrogen-based cooling. If you’ve got a couple of dollars to spare, that is the best premium motherboard for i9 9900K to purchase for your 3.6GHz processor. It has a sturdy power supply system for the CPU with 18 power part VRM and Nitrogen cooling compatibility. The twin 8-pin connector ensures sufficient power is fed from the PSU to the motherboard for secure operation. The wonderful audio chipset and onboard RGB make it the best choice for fanatic avid gamers. However, the dearth of Quad-SLI assist, bandwidth sharing by M.2_2 slot, and occupation of PCIe card for display port may troublesome individuals.

The motherboard comes with an eight-speed knob that MSI calls gears, permitting overclockers to use only a knob and save time. Professional audiophiles can use the very uncommon and distinctive 6.35mm stereo sound port for crystal clear sound. You can join as many as 5 M.2 drives; all of them are heatsinked with high-quality materials. Four PCIe x16 slots are supplied with bolstered metal to join quad AMD GPUs to get unprecedented and unmatchable efficiency in a software program or video games.

  • Five M.2 drive slots
  • Golden audio jacks with S/PDIF
  • 18 part VRM with Dual 8 pin connector
  • No 3-way SLI assist
  • No HDMI on the again panel


#10. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme


Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 16 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 17 | Warranty: 4 Years

If you’re somebody who’s into RGB lighting and Instagram-worthy PC build, then Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme is the best flagship motherboard for i9 9900K you will discover out there. It comes with a built-in graphics card if your processor doesn’t have one or simply needs the processor to run at cooler temperatures. The best motherboard for i9-9900k has two Thunderbolt 3 controllers that present the in-demand 4096×2304@60 Hz display decision. Gigabyte has included a tenGbE LAN for unparallel community connectivity for Ultra 4K decision streaming.

This i9 9900k motherboard includes a high-end audio chipset that can help determine position when used with spatially calibrated headphones or sound programs. The PCIe x16 supports Quad-GPU SLI and Quad-GPU CrossFire, making it a win-win situation for AMD and Nvidia enthusiasts alike. This motherboard supports memory overclocking up to 4400MHz, and we’ve recently seen motherboards that can reach 5100MHz for a lower price. If your gear isn’t constrained by memory, you shouldn’t be concerned. The lack of WiFi-6 should be considered when placing a purchase order.

We might not find any parts on the motherboard that aren’t heatsinked if we look closely. Under high-process-intensive workloads, the motherboard is required to stay secure. It’s intended for professionals only. On the back panel, you can connect two Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and aid with the installation of USB-C on the front panel. It has a clear CMOS switch and a power and OC button, making overclocking a breeze. This motherboard can transfer warnings between units flawlessly without any interference thanks to an incredible eight-layer PCB and a pair of ounce copper.

  • Overheating warning system
  • Dual-channel memory structure
  • Quad-GPU SLI and CrossFire assist

  • No Wi-Fi 6
  • No PCIe 4.0 assist






Socket: LGA 1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 Express | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+1 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 17 | Warranty: 3 Years

If you’re looking for the best overall motherboard for i9 9900K, there isn’t a higher choice than the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRA. The affordable price ticket justifies the premium features that it beholds. It is produced from six-layer PCB with 2oz copper tracing used as a conductor; this permits it to remain unheated and keep away from any potential sign interference leading to audio noise.

The AMP-UP Audio is a robust audio chipset with hi-end capacitors important for skilled avid gamers and audiophiles. It comes with an 8+4 pin connector for the CPU to be provided uninterrupted to the 12+1 VRM power phases. Gigabyte claims that its motherboard can take core frequencies to above the 5GHz mark whereas sustaining stability. The direct touch pipe-based heatsinks for the VRM makes this motherboard secure and the best motherboard for i9 9900k.

People have reported that the BIOS is painful to make use of and optimize. The lack of a user-friendly interface makes it inconceivable for new overclockers. RGB Fusion 2.0 is thought to trigger many customers issues. However customers can shortly remedy that with an replacement. The aesthetics are on level for this motherboard, and the three M.2 NVMe slot heatsinks match the overall silver and black tone of the product.

The three M.2 drives in RAIO 0 can go to extreme sequential learn speeds of 3551 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 3410 MB/s. The quick knowledge switch could make gaming and content material creation a breeze. We consider that the 4400MHz memory overclock isn’t the best. However it’s high sufficient to keep away from any potential framerate drop in fast-paced video games.

  • Fast M.2 NVMe slots
  • High-End Audio Hardware
  • USB DAC-UP 2 with Adjustable Voltage
  • No PCIe 4.0
  • No Thunderbolt 3 connector




Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 Express | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 16 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 17 | Warranty: 5 Years

GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Xtreme WATERFORCE has a distinctive design, high-end thermal efficiency, sensible aesthetics, quick community connectivity, and top-class audio high quality. Not many producers have gone out of their consolation zone to develop a design like this motherboard. All you want is a pump and a radiator to get yourself going in your high-end rig. It is the best budget motherboard for i9 9900K with highly effective specs with the newest Intel CNVi Wave 2 WiFi, which offers higher latency and decreases lags whereas streaming or gaming.

The 10GbE LAN is top of its class for 4k streaming or online gaming. There is so much we will discuss this i9 9900k motherboard. The complete chipset, VRM, and CPU cooling are saved in examination with a leakage circuit, guaranteeing shutdown when leakage is detected. The BIOS is user-friendly and aesthetically well managed for new customers. The leak detection system on the board is exclusive for everybody, and customers face issues getting it to run.

Minor leakage may cause the leakage system to close the entire setup. At such a high value, customers need 5100MHz memory overclocking, which isn’t included on this motherboard. We consider that it has the best hi-fi audio system. The audio jacks are all gold plated, and an anti-pop circuit reduces the popping sound when headphones or speakers are plugged in. It routinely adjusts its amplitude to the impedance of the connected audio machine. The 127dBa sound could make any sound machine rumble. The twin 8pin connector for the CPU power is a stable pin design that ensures a higher power supply. The PCIe slots and memory slots are all bolstered with metal for stellar durability.

  • Ultra Durable PCIe Armor
  • Multiple Temperature Sensors
  • Watercooled CPU+Chipset+PCH
  • No overclocking knob
  • No gold plated audio jacks




Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 8 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 19 | Warranty: 3 Years

Being a loyal member of the Republic of Gamer (ROG), you positively will not be dissatisfied by the efficiency of ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI FORMULA Z390. As anticipated from the MAXIMUS sequence, this motherboard has EK liquid water cooling for the VRM guaranteeing extreme overclocking functionality utilizing eight power part VRM, making it the best fanatic motherboard for i9 9900K. The assist for 128GB RAM operating at 4400MHz is greater than sufficient to assist any trendy gaming titles like CyberPunk 2077, Minecraft, and Overwatch.

With the Aquantia 5G LAN, you can be sure of high-speed and low-latency connectivity. ROG’s SupremeFX audio, which uses an ESS processor and exceptionally durable Nichicon capacitors, offers highly effective sound on this best motherboard for i9 9900K. However, because there is no filter, audio ports are prone to popping sound when a speaker or headphone is plugged in. This motherboard has a low efficiency/value ratio, but this does not necessarily mean it is a bad motherboard. It boasts distinguishing characteristics such as all-heatsink M.2 drives and an ABS top cowl to keep the aesthetics in check.

A sturdy metal backplate holds all of the hardware together and provides enough support to prevent any possible bending. The entire board is designed with a black and silver motif in mind, and the sophisticated addition of RGB adds value. It will make your gaming rig stand out and impress the rest of the group. The pre-installed IO shield is a perfect match, and the back panel is chock-full of connecting options for all of your peripheral needs. For meeting, diagnostics are meticulously integrated on the motherboard. It’s a motherboard for looking at the benches. It’s made for cyclic installations, as evidenced by the memory slot and PCIe slots’ endurance. The q-post can also detect damaged hardware on its own.

  • Solid metal backplate
  • Aura Sync onboard RGB
  • AI cooling plus AI overclocking

  • Shared M.2 bandwidth
  • No assist for 8-Channel audio



#14. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro


Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 Express | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+1 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 17 | Warranty: 3 Years

There is a nice line between beautiful RGB seems and overdone lighting. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro lands within the candy spot of being refined and enticing. It comes with twin BIOS for regularly tweaking customers with their BIOS configurations, or they need double profiles, certainly one of which is optimized for high-end overclocking. As normal, gigabytes best motherboard for i9-9900k uses 2oz copper tracing to higher switch alerts and knowledge transmission.

The two M.2 drives are properly heatsinked, ensuring no efficiency loss due to thermal throttling. The z390 chipset uses a large heatsink to keep it cool, and the Intel® i219v GbE LAN with cFosSpeed makes it the ideal ATX motherboard for the i9 9900K. This motherboard is reasonably priced and includes all of the necessary capabilities for a mid-range PC construction.

However, we believe that the lack of WiFi could cause problems for some people who rely on wireless connectivity. Because there is no postcode display, the installation-related flaw’s prognosis is advanced. Due to the lack of onboard power buttons, it is a poor option for bench testing. This Auros sequence is designed to push your i9 9900k’s clock speed past the 5GHz mark. It is considered a remarkable achievement for a motherboard at this price point. The ALC1220-VB Enhance 114dB on the back panel allows for excellent audio efficiency, which is often desired by ardent gamers and multimedia creators looking for sound readability.

A little mismatch in the left and proper may result in a video of poor quality. YouTube creators require sound precision and faster decoding times, which are enhanced by overclocking.

  • Ample of USB ports
  • Dual M.2 thermal guards
  • Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • No postcode display
  • No wireless connectivity



#15. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390



Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Form Factor: mATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+1 | PCIe x16: 1 | USB Ports: 19 | Warranty: 3 Years

Breaking information isn’t an easy factor to do, however in case you are excited about proudly owning the best motherboard for i9-9900k, that broke the report of attaining the quickest 5566MHz RAM clock speeds and liquid nitrogen 7.61GHz throughout all cores. This unbelievable feat of engineering know-how is completed by an mATX motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390. ASUS has gone all out in innovation on this motherboard.

It can assist 4 M.2 drives with unthrottled efficiency with high-performance heat sinks. We search so much when discovering the best product for our readers, and we took our time to look for this best mATX motherboard for i9 9900K. Despite having lovers degree features, it’s lacking legacy SATA M.2 assist. There are only 4 SATA ports for connection, and in case you allow CPU storage, the PCIe x16 slot will drop to x8 mode. The built-in graphics chipset will only have a 30Hz output regardless of having such a powerhouse. Achieving such high-performance tweaks isn’t possible without the correct of hardware.

This motherboard has a DRAM Auto Training Switch and 4 LEDs to point out present boot standing. A jumper to allow distinctive choices and features for liquid-nitrogen (LN2) overclocking and pause switch. It additionally has a sluggish mode switch, ReTry Button, Safe Boot Button, and the alternatives to examine the voltage through built-in measurement factors. All of those are often known as the overclockers tool kit. Without them breaking information isn’t that easy.

  • Pro Overclockers toolkit
  • Dedicated water-cooling zones
  • Four Unthrottling M.2 drive slots
  • No twin LAN
  • No DDL/DTS Connection



#16. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming


Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Form Factor: Mini ITX | Voltage Regulator: 8+2 | PCIe x16: 1 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 Years

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming is a gorgeous-looking mini-ITX motherboard that takes on all of its competitors in its dimension. It’s designed for your battle station the design. We think about it the best mITX motherboard for i9 9900K. The cooling of VRM and M.2 drives is ensured via a U-shaped heatsink structure. The built-in IO cowl makes positive that your connections are stable and stay intact throughout set up. It consists of two Intel optane prepared M.2 slots for high-speed knowledge switch. Being the best motherboard for i9 9900k, it has a high-end audio chipset that works with SonicStudio to boost the person’s overall expertise.

However, we do see some downsides to his motherboard. However, there are two M.2 slots; however, one M.2 slot on the again isn’t heatsinked, resulting in thermal throttling. It makes use of an older WiFi know-how; the newer WiFi-6 has higher range and switch speeds. There is not any popping sound filter for the audio connection on the rear panel. There can be no clear CMOS button or flash BIOS choice on the again panel, which is necessary for trendy gaming PCs.

As the title suggests, this motherboard is oriented toward avid gamers, so it consists of hardcore gaming choices like high memory overclocking and highly effective CPU overclocking features utilizing 8+2 power part VRM. The 8pin power connector is designed to decrease impedance to keep away from any hotspots. It comes with bolstered PCIe x16 slots for high-end GPUs which are heavy and should trigger the PCIe slot to snap over time resulting from creep. The AURA sync characteristic is suitable throughout many manufacturers, and customers have reported its secure operation.

  • 5-Way Optimization
  • Premounted I/O Shield
  • Double Decker M.2 heatsink
  • No BIOS flash on rear I/O
  • No popping sound audio filter



#17. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra

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The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra is one more wonderful addition from the GIGABYTE home of motherboards. The value is perhaps decrease than the Aorus MASTER, however it comes simply as shut by efficiency. This Motherboard has many apps to it. Like the Aorus Master, the Z390 Aorus Ultra is designed to supply lasting outcomes. There are, in fact, eight whole in Gigabyte’s AORUS line of Z390 motherboards.

The Z390 AORUS Ultra is correct within the heart, providing just about any characteristic you need in a Z390 motherboard and a few helpful extras. Read More: First, you’ve obtained the AORUS signature fashion with RGB lighting on the board in several locations plus RGB headers. There can be a 12 + 1 power-phase system with some fairly beefy VRM cooling and three built-in M.2 heatsinks.

Finally, Gigabyte offers 802.11ac 22 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, USB 3.1 gen 2, an integrated I/O shield, and AMP-UP audio. Taking a closer look at the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra Motherboard, we can notice that it has an all-black PCB with silver accents. With AORUS boards, Gigabyte normally keeps the colors neutral and leaves the RGB lights to do the rest. This board isn’t entirely unlike the others. Starting with the CPU socket, the Intel LGA1151 is now available. The Intel Z390 boards support both 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors. A Wireless PWM and DrMOS controller are included on this board, which has a 12 + 1 power step setup.

The power distribution parts are covered by two heatsinks connected by a heat pipe; this heat pipe makes direct contact with the MOSFETs for the best cooling output. With the competitive environment heating up, GIGABYTE joins the public spotlight. GIGABYTE appeared to be lagging in the competition for the best motherboards for the previous several generations of chipsets, owing to their basic BIOS, which other manufacturers surpassed. With their emboldening 12 plus step VRM notion through the AORUS Z390 sequence, they took up arms this time to turn the tables.

Out of the sequence with this list, we chose the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra, the best balanced and middle-of-the-road board. It has a sophisticated thermal solution, with a multi-cut heat sink coupled to a direct contact heat line. The thermal pads also provide MOSFET cooling to the heat sink. Many professional gamers and fans require this feature, which is only available in this series. The inbuilt WI-FI antenna module provides up to 1.73 Gbps rates, allowing you to enjoy smooth video streaming and high-definition gaming.

The presence of 5 Smart Fan technology includes several temperature sensors that keep the motherboard temperature safe. The Smart Fan 5 also allows customers to reflect the thermal sensors in multiple locations by swapping the fan headers and measuring the temperature every second. There is no USB charging booster on this motherboard. The C 3.1 GEN headers serve as the USB entry. For the safety of these ports, they are layered with ultra-durable safety. The only issue with this Motherboard is that it has an outdated BIOS. The Gigabyte UEFI BIOS UI comes with a controller, which isn’t expected with such a sophisticated Motherboard.

  • Efficient Overclocking Processor
  • Excellent cooling and have set of the voltage regulator
  • Comprehensive Software suite
  • Less overclocking power
  • The value is comparatively high.

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As a Core i9-9900K overclocking board with a mid-level feature set, the ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming confronts stiff competition from more expensive rivals looking to bolster the value gap. Asus fills in some of the gaps with better RGB and a more polished software interface. For performance-hungry gamers, the most crucial feat is that it overclocks and their more expensive competitors. One would think that a popular product would appeal to a broad audience, yet the PC enthusiasts’ build-your-own community has nothing in common.

They select boards to choose from, with low-end overclocking items starting at the bottom and progressing upwards. Their typical was the midpoint in terms of overclocking capabilities and features, and it has historically cost approximately a third of what a reasonably equipped Core i9-9900K board would cost. The Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming is a basic gaming board with $240 (£220). One of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E Gaming motherboard’s outstanding qualities is its structure and design. The Z390-E is mostly black and gray, with a lot of RGB coming from the back panel.

The backside part of the motherboard includes three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots that support x16/0/0, x8 / x8/0, and x8 / x8 / x4. This Motherboard supports NVIDIA 2-way SLI and AMD 3-way CrossfireX gaming rigs, allowing you to build either a reliable single-card or a powerful multi-GPU computer. Expansion cards with three PCIe 3.0 x1 slots, similar to specialized sound cards and RAID controllers, are also available.

The structure and design of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E Gaming motherboard is one of its outstanding qualities. The STRIX Z390-E has a mostly black and gray color scheme with a lot of RGB visible on the back panel cowl. The backside part of the motherboard includes three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots that support x16/0/0, x8 / x8/0, and x8 / x8 / x4. This Motherboard supports NVIDIA 2-way SLI and AMD 3-way CrossfireX gaming rigs, allowing you to build either a reliable single-card or a powerful multi-GPU computer.

Expansion cards with three PCIe 3.0 x1 slots, similar to specialized sound cards and RAID controllers, are also available. A solid 10-phase arrangement is found behind the large VRM heatsink, which is more than capable of supporting a 5.2GHz Intel Core i9-9900K processor overclock. The components demonstrate the DrMOS power levels’ dependability and efficiency. A single 8-pin 12V power supply supplies power to the CPU. 2 x M.2 slots aid storage, each with its own heatsink, and a total of 6 x SATA 6Gbps SATA connections. This board aids RAID arrays 0, 1, 5, and 10. ASUS set the bar high in terms of memory output, and the Z390-E STRIX doesn’t disappoint. Because to the Z390 chipset, the ASUS Z390-E supports DDR4 memory at speeds up to 4266MHz and dual-channel memory mode.

The ROG STRIX Z390-E is a sure-fire winner with us, thanks to the two x M.2 slots with heatsinks, the 10-phase Digi+ VRM, the 4266MHz DDR4 memory assist, and the great stylings. Consider the following scenario: you want to build a high-end gaming machine and use an Intel processor. In such scenario, the Z390-E GamingGaming is an outstanding motherboard that not only fits into the mid-range but also dominates it!

  • Pros
      • Support for memory speeds of 4266MHz… Fast!

      • The outstanding colour scheme in gray and black appears strange.
      • A great example of a great Z390 midrange motherboard.

      • Strong BIOS with a number of features to overclock

      • A little bit costlier than the mid-range ASRock, MSI, and GIGABYTE variations

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      #19. Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi)

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      The $290 (£260) price tag of the ROG Maximus XI Hero competes directly with feature-rich boards like the tenGbE-equipped Taichi Ultimate and Firewire 3-equipped Designare. Still, its feature set is comparable to boards costing around 10% significantly less. It overclocks somewhat faster than most of its competitors and receives the same amount of value criticism as Gigabyte’s Z390 Aorus Master.

      Customers who swear by Asus and Gigabyte can choose between them solely based on features, while those who aren’t brand loyal can find better deals elsewhere. Although its brothers offer fewer features, the A Maximus remains the fourth-from-top model in Asus’ highest-end Republic Of Gamers series. For example, we get a pair of PCIe x16 slots to support SLI in x8 / x8 mode, as well as voltage regulator adjustments and firmware advancements to help with the all-important overclocking quest. And then there’s the heat spreaders for M.2 SSDs:

      We’re only going to get two of these. For efficiency, memory reliability was fairly first-rate, but not top-tier. From this memory pack, I’ve noticed higher clocks on many boards. On the other hand, ASUS will be praised for the safeguards and assistance it has put in place to make overclocking easier and less nerve-wracking. Although the CPU overclocking is acceptable, it falls short of the finest overclock I’ve seen on this 9900 K. At 5.1 GHz all-core, dropping 100 MHz for a brief period at 1.385 V. With one of the industry’s most robust BIOSs, ASUS has a lot of customizing built into these boards to keep even the most fanatical fans engaged. When it comes to onboard performance and networking, the Asus falls short of its primary ASRock rival.

      It does, however, have a good enough specification for the vast majority of builds. You can save money by not using wireless, and it consistently outperforms the ASRock in tests. It’s an environmentally friendly and well-balanced option for all types of programs. To receive the same rating, the Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero outperforms Gigabyte’s nearest competitors. Fans of both brands can make decisions based on differences in features, while those looking for a good deal can look for even better deals.

      • Exclusive features of additional worth by Asus
      • Class-leading environment friendly Motherboard
      • Great at Overclocking
      • Under sure circumstances
      • A little bit pricier.

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      #20. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme


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      The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Extreme is among the many priciest motherboards for an Intel Z390 machine which you can purchase. It will set you again an enormous $550 within the US and £500 within the UK – making it extra expensive than most of the processors, GPUs, and different parts you may find yourself putting in right into a system. Can that be value an excessive amount of, presumably? To discover out extra, learn our evaluation of Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme. Intel’s tiny socket with essentially the most subtle characteristic set conceivable, the Z390 Aorus Xtreme bigs-up.

      However, even with HyperX Predator RGB DDR4-2933, we ran into a memory setup difficulty on a specific Gigabyte board; considering its overclocking-friendly structure, we ran into an overclocked configuration issue. Before spending money on this otherwise appealing Motherboard, overclockers should research which memory kits have been successful with Z390 Aorus Xtreme by its users. When it comes to the physical appearance, the Gigabyte board is unquestionably more outlandish than the MSI model, which is unsurprising given that it is clearly aimed at programmers. The north and south heatsinks and the rear IO shield are made of lighter metal, and the M.2 heatsink trio is hidden.

      The M.2 heatsinks, the Southbridge, and the rear IO cowl are all covered in perspex, and RGB LEDs are installed on the M.2 heatsinks, the Southbridge, and the rear IO cowl. Lighting is also incorporated into the audio cowl, and it are four onboard connectors for adding gentle strips. The back of the board is shielded by a large metallic slab, making the Aorus heavier and thicker than the MSI—and nearly any other Motherboard. The metallic cowl allows Gigabyte to install a plastic band of RGB LEDs that runs the length of the proper side of the board. Because of its PCI options, additional overclocking equipment, and high-end networking, the Gigabyte is designed specifically for high-end gaming and tweaking configurations. In these sectors, it wields enormous power. Its rear IO is also densely packed, and the entire board appears implausible.

      However, it falls short in apps, audio, and storage, therefore the MSI board is a better choice for innovation and efficiency. If you want to build a high-end gaming machine with a lot of RGB LEDs – or if you want a board that you can overclock and customize – the Gigabyte is a terrific option with a lot of great features to justify its price. However, if efficiency is critical, or if you need to manage a new course or multiple resources for productivity, the MSI is the finest option.

      • Latest Thunderbolt 3 controller with twin Type-C ports
      • Handy OC touch controls with six supplementary fan ports
      • Beats competitor for success in GamingGaming
      • Lots of high-end features to tweak
      • Magnificent connectivity on the rear
      • Solid colourful interface
      • Not excellent with functions
      • A bit much less storage and suppleness with PCI

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      #21. MSI MEG Z390 ACE

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      The MSI MEG Z390 ACE is built to be a high-end competitor charged with connectivity and performance, resulting in daring design selections being taken by MSI. One of these is eradicating the built-in graphics to boost board house for networking and CPU VRMs; MSI believes the overclocking viewers calls for. However, MSI has tunnel imaginative and prescient on VRMs; MSI has gone all out on connectivity with a sturdy eight USB 3.1 10Gbps ports, three M.2 slots, 4 RGB headers, and wireless networking applied sciences. Settings for troubleshooting and overclocking have additionally been generously integrated.

      A easy CMOS key, onboard LEDs for prognosis, debug code reader, BIOS flashbacks, and VRM monitoring sensors all are available. MSI achieved all the above while additionally coming onto the market for many of its rivals at a decrease or equal value level. MSI appears to have pulled it off on paper, so let’s learn the way the MEG Z390 ACE holds as much as scrutiny. The MSI Z390 ACE did well with guide overclocking on the overclocking side of issues however unreasonable on the higher finish of the Game Boost profiles. In our testing, we reached 5.0 GHz, as proven manually.

      There is loads of headroom out there on this board for customers seeking to drive their 8th and ninth generation processors previous 5.0 GHz, however sustaining core temperatures as little as possible is essentially the most important factor in attaining that. Users with a 9900 K will see higher efficiency with thermal interface materials primarily based on the default solder.

      The MSI Z390 ACE is certainly one of two MEG Z390 enthusiastic-specific variations focused on the market’s highest finish. The different model in query is the MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE ($600), which sits on the top of the Z390 product stack of MSI for a substantial value. The Z390 ACE fills the void of a stable set of features between the Z390 GODLIKE and the MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC ($230). With a instructed retail value of $290 and a mixture of features and aesthetics, MSI seems to numerous enterprise areas for woo prospects.

      • Features for extreme overclocking.
      • Excellent built-in audio.
      • Sturdy power provide to drive Core i9-9900 K to its limits.
      • Black and Silver Color Scheme
      • AC Wireless Onboard
      • No video outs for built-in graphics.
      • It’s costly even for a board with Z390.

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      #22. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390

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      If you’ve been pondering of a Z390 platform for your subsequent build, then prospects are you’ve already thought of the very fact it won’t be cheap and selected to chase the quickest speed of the clock. Let start by one of the ‘premium’ out there Z390 motherboards – the ASUS Maximus XI Gene. The Gene is the MATX variant of the ROG Maximus range and is offered once more after the lineup has been eliminated for a while.

      All I can say about it’s welcome again, mate, you’ve got been missed. Considering the value of efficiency CPUs such as the Intel i9-9900K, it makes extra sense that ninth Gen Intel system builders want to get the best out of the expertise. Those who purchase this platform will go for long-lasting top efficiency. This is where the Maximus XI Gene for the MATX type factor rigs is available for the ASUS ROG. For lovers and extreme avid gamers, the ASUS Maximus boards have at all times been the top-shelf choice. These boards have at all times been extravagant by way of features, effectivity, and aesthetic design. While by way of value, they’re nonetheless costly.

      The ASUS Maximus XI Gene is an enthusiastic Micro ATX (mATX) motherboard built across the 4 M.2 Intel Z390 chipset, with 4 SATA 6Gbps, DDR4 4800MHz assist, and DIMM modules with double power. It additionally has gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, twin M.2 growth card with ASUS ROG DIMM.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and RGB lighting controls with Aura Sync. In phrases of the color scheme, it is a good wanting board and comparatively agnostic structure. The black base design, shiny black RGB areas, and gunmetal gray heatsinks can match the coloration lighting/cabling a system builder might wish to use.

      Someone must remind the Maximus XI Gene that it’s a Micro ATX board due to its Gene leaves most full-size ATX Z390 motherboards in its mud about specs. The Maximus XI Gene is principally meant for lovers or passionate avid gamers who desire a top-shelf gaming platform in a Micro ATX kind factor the place an entire ATX board isn’t appropriate. This board can be ultimate for enthusiastic overclockers who need the mATX kind factor to be a extra portable platform or one thing a little bit additional.

      • Headers dealing with down for cooler graphic clearance
      • Features twin M.2 adapter card connected to the CPU
      • Includes two M.2 drives with PCH connectors, plus an x4 card
      • S1220A CODEC audio with SupremeFX enhancements
      • Open-ended PCIe x4 slot
      • A little bit costly
      • No legacy assist for SATA M.2 though it has only 4 SATA ports

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      #23. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E

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      Chipset: Z390 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR4-4266 | Expansion Slots: 3 x PCIe 3.0 x16, 3 x PCIe 3.0 x1 | Video Outputs: HDMI and DisplayPort | USB Ports: 8x rear IO, 7x inside | Network: 1x 1 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi | Storage: 2x M.2, 6x SATA

      The ASUS ROG Strix sequence of motherboards has at all times been recognized to supply among the most premium features out there for any specific chipset, and the identical pattern continues within the Z390 line. Although ASUS has several motherboards sporting the Strix moniker within the Z390 lineup, our pick is the high-end variant particularly the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E.

      The Z390-E excels in several departments however maybe its most standout characteristic is its unbelievable power supply. The ROG Strix Z390-E flaunts a sturdy VRM design that should be greater than dealing with the Core i9 9900K even at overclocked settings. The 9900K is a fan-favorite amongst lovers resulting from its wonderful overclocking habits, and the Z390-E would be sure that it hits and sustains the utmost frequencies that one can count on from this piece of silicon.

      In phrases of connectivity and storage features, the Z390-E from ASUS is jam-packed as well. There are loads of USB ports each on the rear IO and thru the inner headers for comfort, and the board has 2 M.2 slots, and 6 SATA ports to put in storage drives. Connectivity-wise, the Z390-E is provided with each Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities to supply the best of each worlds. Aesthetically, the Strix Z390-E is a extremely enticing board with an overall stealthy black aesthetic with ample serving to of RGB over the I/O cowl.

      The RGB can assist the person personalize the look of the board fairly simply. All in all, the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E is a premium motherboard that gives several high-end features which might pair properly with an enthusiast-class CPU such because the 9900K. The only important downside is its value, however it should be justifiable in case you plan to maintain your gaming rig for an prolonged time frame earlier than upgrading.

      • Robust Power Delivery System
      • High RAM Compatibility
      • Clean Aesthetics
      • Great Connectivity Options
      • Very Expensive


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      #24. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon

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      Chipset: Z390 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR4-4400 | Expansion Slots: 3 x PCIe 3.0 x16, 3 x PCIe 3.0 x1 | Video Outputs: HDMI and DisplayPort | USB Ports: 6x rear IO, 9x inside | Network: 1x 1 GbE LAN | Storage: 2x M.2, 6x SATA

      The MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon is a severely performance-focused motherboard from MSI, which is obvious from the MPG moniker that stands for “MSI Performance Gaming”. The Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon is a flexible motherboard that mixes wonderful power supply parts with an array of high-end features, to make a well-rounded package deal that may pair completely with the 9900K. Under the substantial VRM heatsinks, we discover a superb VRM design that’s able to offering the present and power essential to hold the 9900K secure even at extreme overclocks.

      The large VRM heatsinks and the adjoining metallic parts dissipate the heat quickly from the VRM which retains it cool even under intense operation. This power supply system should provide you with no points until you wish to enter extreme overclocking competitions with liquid nitrogen and the like. The Gaming Pro Carbon can be fairly well-equipped in different features. The apparent lack of Wi-Fi is a transparent oversight by MSI that units the board again a bit relative to the competitors, however apart from that there’s little to level a finger at.

      The connectivity features are wonderful with the board providing loads of USB ports, 2 M.2 slots, several PCIe x16 slots, and 6 SATA ports for the person’s comfort. The board’s design is kind of distinctive, with aggressive styling notably over and across the space of the VRM heatsink. The chipset heatsink can be prolonged in a classy method to merge with the heatspreader of the M.2 slot, which provides it a novel look.

      The RGB is tasteful and never overpowering in any respect, which is a pleasant touch in a performance-focused board reminiscent of this one. Overall, the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon is a poorly named, but expertly constructed motherboard that should complement the Core i9 9900K virtually completely. Lack of Wi-Fi lets it down a bit, however that may be solved fairly simply with an affordable dongle.

      • Solid VRM Design
      • Aggressive Looks
      • Tasteful RGB Implementation
      • Excellent VRM Cooling
      • Lack of Wi-Fi

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      #25. MSI Z390-A Pro

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      Chipset: Z390 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR4-4400 | Expansion Slots: 2 x PCIe 3.0 x16, 4 x PCIe 3.0 x1 | Video Outputs: VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort | USB Ports: 6x rear IO, 8x inside | Network: 1x 1 GbE LAN | Storage: 1x M.2, 6x SATA

      MSI’s budget providing, the MSI Z390-A Pro, also makes a good contender paired with your i9 9900K. Even although it’s definitely not essentially the most high-end board out there available on the market for this CPU, it could definitely deal with the 9900K at inventory speeds and might even dabble with some gentle overclocking, supplied you’ve got an appreciation for its limitations.

      The VRM design of the board is suitable and inoffensive. There is nothing notably exceptional about this power supply system, however it should get the job completed regardless. Even at this value level, MSI has included some first rate, finned heatsinks for the VRM parts which is certainly a pleasant touch. One should not count on this board to be secure under aggressive overclocks on the 9900K, however it should be completely nice if you don’t push it too exhausting with guide tuning. Other notable features on the board embody the addition of VGA and DVI-D to the usual choice of DisplayPort for the onboard video choices.

      This permits the patron to attach a wide range of displays to the board since older displays typically don’t assist the DP. There is a single M.2 slot, 6 SATA ports, and an unimpressive variety of USB ports on the board, which might be considerably comprehensible at this value. The seems of the board are additionally understated and stealthy, and there’s no lighting to be discovered wherever on the board itself. This should swimsuit these builders completely who need to build a blackout-themed gaming PC specializing in the i9 9900K itself.

      While the MSI Z390-A Pro is definitely not a premium providing from MSI, it does get the job completed appreciably well. The spotlight of this choice is certainly it’s pricing, which is as little as one-third when compared to among the choices on this list. Keeping that in mind makes good sense why some avid gamers would wish to pair the 9900K with this motherboard.

      • Affordable Choice
      • Acceptable VRM Performance
      • Only 1 M.2 Slot
      • No Wi-Fi
      • Few USB Ports

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      #26. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Wi-Fi Motherboard

      Best motherboard for i9 9900K

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      Gigabyte is a model of computer parts recognized for providing high-performance products without paying a premium price ticket for the identical. The Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390 motherboard is the first product on this list and it is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective choices acknowledged right here.

      Even on the given price ticket, you get the usual ATX kind factor with this Gigabyte Z390 motherboard made for Intel Core i9 9900K because it consists of the LGA1151 socket. Talking about its growth choices, you get a complete of 6 PCIe slots of assorted sizes with this motherboard.

      While it might not be the best choice for high finish overclocking, you do get varied connectivity choices with it. This consists of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, twin M.2 slots with heatsinks, 6 SATA 3 ports, USB type C, type A, 4 memory slots for as much as 128 GB RAM, ethernet, HDMI and way more.


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      #27. ASUS TUF Z390-Pro Gaming Motherboard

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      Out of the varied products provided by Asus, the Asus TUF lineup is thought to offer reasonably priced choices like a Z390 motherboard made for Intel Core i9 9900K. Asus’s TUF Pro Z390 motherboard is the 2nd product on this list as it may be one other viable choice for patrons on a budget. Fortunately, identical to the earlier Gigabyte board, an ATX kind factor Z390 motherboard with the Intel LGA1151 socket.

      You additionally get a fairly first rate overclocking efficiency with this one. Coming to the connectivity choices, you get 6 PCIe slots, 4 memory slots that helps as much as 128 GB RAM, twin M.2 slots, 6 SATA3 ports, several high-speed USB ports, HDMI and DisplayPort ports, and extra with this motherboard made for Intel Core i9 9900K. Although, you don’t get Wi-Fi connectivity with this motherboard which some can want.

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      #28. Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula Motherboard

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      If you shouldn’t have any budget restrictions, then the Asus ROG Maximus lineup may benefit you since you get wonderful efficiency from it. The Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 motherboard is essentially the most highly effective choice acknowledged on this article. Other than providing high-performance numbers and an inbuilt water cooling block, you additionally get a normal ATX kind factor with this Z390 motherboard together with the LGA1151 socket.

      You may also simply join varied units to it utilizing the varied ports like the twin M.2 SSD slots, 6 SATA3 ports, 4 memory slots that assist a most of 128 GB RAM, USB 3.2 Type-A ports, USB type C ports, 4 PCIe slots, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G LAN and way more with this board. Being a premium choice, you additionally get a 3-year guarantee with this motherboard for i9 9900K.

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      #29. Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390 Gaming Motherboard

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      If you wish to build a compact computer but don’t wish to compromise on its efficiency, you may also discover smaller Asus ROG Maximus motherboards. Asus’ ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390 motherboard is a extremely compact micro ATX motherboard however nonetheless highly effective for getting the most out of its LGA1151 socket.

      Being a premium choice, you get wonderful power supply with this motherboard, making it ultimate for overclocking. Because it’s a compact motherboard, you only get 2 PCIe slots and a pair of memory slots with it made for as much as 64 gigs of RAM. Thankfully, you continue to get twin M.2 slots, 4 SATA 3 ports, USB type C ports, HDMI, and even WiFi connectivity with this board. Like the earlier Asus Maximus board, you get a 3-year guarantee with this one as well.

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      #30. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme Best High-Performance Motherboard for i9 9900K

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      Z390 Arous Xtreme bonds extreme efficiency with good integration. Various features make this motherboard keep forward of the pack. It features a USB thunderbolt turbocharger, nice for gaming lovers for quick charging portable units. Furthermore, the motherboard features three m.2 slots that may run each PCI 3.0e and PCIe 4.0. The backside line with PCI e4.0? The new PCIe 4.0 module can shunt round 16Gb/s of knowledge throughout the extra trendy SSDs and graphic playing cards. In easy phrases, extreme and seamless efficiency.

      Additionally, the motherboard incorporates two 8-pin CPU connectors to supply ample resources for overclocking. The chipset can simply deal with these extreme and rugged gaming periods with a complicated 16-phase digital VRM cooling configuration. This characteristic ensures VRM temperatures stay under control regardless of how exhausting you go at it. Along the again, we now have a few LED strip headers and two RGB LED strip headers. Furthermore, the motherboard comes with Aorus’s RGB fan commander.

      This control hub enables you to join extra fan headers and RGB lighting strips. For memory, the motherboard can assist as much as 128 GB of RAM through 4 DIMM slots, every at a clock speed of 4400MHz. Overall, this z390 chipset adopts an aesthetic design that’s ultimate for trendy avid gamers. The PCB is in matte black with the remainder of the housing, reminiscent of heat sinks and tops in gun metallic. The motherboard homes RGB lighting in several zones. These lights might be additional custom-made to match your gaming setup with Gigabytes RGB Fusion software program. One vital factor to contemplate right here is that this motherboard is only suitable with the ATX kind factor.

      • Supports as much as 128GB Ram @ 4400Mhz
      • Supports overclocking
      • Customizable RGB Lighting
      • Great VRM Cooling
      • USB Turbo Charger
      • Only suitable with ATX kind factor
      • Complicated BIOS

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      Buying Guide for the Best Motherboards for i9 9900K

      Enthusiasts continuously want a processor that provides them the additional edge they should keep forward of the plenty. Since the rising curiosity in gaming, computer systems have grow to be sooner and wiser.

      Two major CPU producers got here into existence resulting from this ongoing power, AMD and Intel. Intel took the game far forward of AMD with their Intel i9 9900k ( Amazon ) processor. It was designed for lovers with unmatchable single and multicore efficiency. The “k” in its code represents its functionality to exceed the bottom frequency and attain new heights in processing speeds.

      To run such a robust piece of tech, you want other components to assist its skill. Mainly you have to the best motherboard for i9 9900k. The motherboard is the bottom for all of your {hardware} parts. Without a stable base, you’ll not attain correct efficiency and should face bottleneck points. If you’re a informal gamer or a lightweight content material creator, you have to speculate your cash rigorously and observe all of the possible choices you could have in your budget. We advocate you undergo our fast purchasing ideas earlier than studying our product review to match our notion:


      Processors are put in on a motherboard through sockets. You should only purchase a motherboard that gives the suitable socket for your processor. Since Intel’s 9th gen i9 9900k requires an LGA 1151 socket to be put in on a motherboard. Thus, earlier than choosing up the motherboard, ensure it has the suitable LGA 1151 socket for the CPU.


      To provide the dimension flexibility to build your PCs, motherboard and cases are available in three factors. If you shouldn’t have any house constraints for your gaming setup, you may build a full-sized gaming rig. However, if you wish to put your PC in your room, you may be restricted to utilizing a Micro ATX or Mini ITX kind factor to avoid wasting house. Typically, giant ATX motherboards provide extra features than micro or mini ITX motherboards. Depending on this, you may determine on which kind factor to decide on.


      While the processor is crucial in dealing with the computational duties, RAM finally shops all of the short-term information and is important for speed in video games and functions. Most trendy functions and video games require important memory to function easily. Before selecting a motherboard, ensure it meets the memory necessities of your PC. When selecting a motherboard, you’ll almost certainly observe the designations for the RAM type and bus speed it helps, i.e., DDR3 3200Mhz or DDR4-4200Mhz. This signifies the generation and speed bandwidth.


      Since most trendy PCs use SSDs for storage resulting from their quick speeds, you should make sure the motherboard offers the choice and suppleness to put in several storage choices. While many entry-level motherboards provide storage choices through SATA ports, the newer NVMe storage ports provide blazing quick speeds utilizing the PCIe connections. Depending in your storage wants, you should think about the supply of storage ports and their sorts earlier than selecting a motherboard.

      PCIe Connectors

      To take advantage of your motherboard, you should determine which features are inevitable for your subsequent PC build. Foremost, you should examine the PCIe connections. It’s the PCIe slots that decide what number of dedicated graphics playing cards you should use without delay and at what bandwidth speed. Since most trendy graphic playing cards are heavy, you’ll additionally like to make sure these PCIe slots are metallically bolstered.


      Most trendy motherboards include built-in features that prevent a ton of effort and money to put in extra growth playing cards like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you want any of those features proper off the board, at all times factor that in.

      USB Ports

      Almost all of the units out there out there are connected to the PC utilizing a USB interface. The know-how has improved dramatically, and with the USB Type C invention, producers are enhancing the info switch speeds. The newest generation of USB can assist as much as 40Gbps of knowledge switch speed. If you’ve got a thunderbolt port in your motherboard, then it’s additionally a major benefit.

      Expansion Slots

      The variety of growth slots and their requirement primarily relies on the person. Some customers set up dedicated community adapters, WiFi playing cards, dedicated Audio playing cards, and recorders of their growth slots. If you don’t use something apart from the PCIe x16 slots, many growth slots should not be your concern. You should concentrate on different features that the motherboard holds.

      SATA Ports

      Most customers nonetheless wish to choose cheaper storage choices like utilizing SSDs which are SATA port-based and even cheaper HDD available. To make your overall computer budget-friendly, you should think about the quantity of storage you have to. They’ll retailer the set up files on their SATA drives and set up video games on their M.2 drives for avid gamers. If you’re a content material creator, you want a great deal of storage, so greater SATA ports are advisable.

      Apart from having a extremely highly effective motherboard for the best possible efficiency out of your processor, it’s extremely vital to examine the connectivity choices included together with your motherboard. This is because of the motive that it’s a must to join issues like input and output units and computer parts together with your computer. Any motherboard that has several ports and connectivity choices is taken into account to be extremely versatile. Some of the widespread connectivity choices embody USB type C and USB 10 Gbps ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, RAM slots, M.2 slots, and varied different ports.


      The voltage regulating module is undoubtedly one of the most important and highly effective modules that offer the power your CPU must do the computational work. The extra important variety of VRMs permits the motherboard to overclock the CPU, which suggests it could improve the bottom frequency of the processor just like the i9 9900k from 3.6GHz to 4.7GHz, as acknowledged by the producers. You will want a motherboard with a better VRM power part if you would like that additional efficiency output.

      If you’re getting a brand new gaming computer with the best gaming efficiency, then getting a robust CPU with wonderful single-core efficiency is vital. One such nice choice might be the Intel Core i9 9900K. We have already listed among the best motherboards for i9 9900K on this article. With these varied high-performance motherboards, additionally, you will discover their features and specs. In case if you wish to know much more, you may merely undergo this detailed shopping for information for the best motherboards for i9 9900K:

      Form Factor

      Even although it doesn’t affect the efficiency of your Intel Core i9 9900K processor, you should nonetheless examine the shape factor of your motherboard. This is to make sure that a given motherboard matches the scale of your computer cupboard. For instance, an ATX motherboard is designed for an ATX cupboard. Similarly, you should also think about different sizes and EATX, ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX. Even although a bigger motherboard dimension like EATX or ATX affords several connectivity choices, a few of you’ll be excited about getting a mini ITX board for making small and compact computer systems.


      Before shopping for any motherboard for your Intel Core i9 chip, it’s extremely vital to make sure that you get a suitable chipset in your motherboard. And whereas there are several suitable chipsets, one thing just like the Intel Core i9 requires an equally highly effective motherboard. As a consequence, all the motherboards acknowledged up above use the Z390 chipset. With this, you get the assist for each processor’s overclocking and memory overclocking as per your wants.


      You additionally have to examine the socket provided by your computer’s motherboard earlier than putting in an Intel Core i9 processor in it. The socket of your motherboard has to match the socket utilized by your processor. Thus, all the motherboards acknowledged above embody the LGA1151 socket, which is absolutely suitable with the Intel Core i9 9900K CPU.

      RAM Capacity

      With such a robust processor, you’ll additionally wish to use numerous RAM for the best possible efficiency numbers. Thus, it’s fairly vital to examine the rated RAM capability together with your Intel Core i9 motherboard. Fortunately, since most of them are characteristic 4 RAM slots, you get most RAM capacities like 64 GB or 128 GB relying on the motherboard you just get.

      PCI-e and Expansion Slots

      Besides having numerous RAM, you’ll also wish to set up a graphics card in your computer. To set up one, you should use the PCI-e slots current in your motherboard. Although, just a few customers may wish to set up community playing cards, sound playing cards, retailer playing cards, and different growth playing cards. Since all of those playing cards require a PCI-e slot to work, most Intel Core i9 motherboards provide several growth slots for high versatility.

      Storage Options

      While making a computer, you’ll wish to have each high-speed storage choices as well as bulk ones. Thus, ensure to examine the totally different storage choices included together with your motherboard. The sooner ones, most motherboards made for the Intel Core i9 9900K will embody several M.2 SSD slots. As for your bulk storage wants, you will discover 6 SATA3 ports in most high-end Intel motherboards on the market.


      Your motherboard’s chipset also has its personal software program or a smaller working system, which is named BIOS. It is vital to maintain this up to date to take pleasure in all the newest features, get the best efficiency out of your PC, and the best system stability. Hence, ensure to go to your motherboard’s assist web site and examine if it will get frequent updates or not.


      To guarantee that you’re getting a dependable motherboard, you may merely examine the included guarantee interval. Thankfully, virtually all motherboards for i9 9900K embody a 3-year long guarantee

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Should I purchase 9900k or 3900X?

      The Core i9 9900K and the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X are each improbable CPUs however they’ve some variations that make them appropriate for several types of patrons. On one hand, the Core i9 9900K is barely sooner than uncooked gaming efficiency, so it should be prioritized over the 3900X if you are building a PC strictly for gaming. On the opposite hand, the Ryzen 9 3900X has 12 cores, 24 threads and is far sooner about productiveness duties reminiscent of editing and streaming. So, the choice between the 2 actually relies on your particular workload.

      Is i9 9900K nonetheless good in 2023?

      Yes, the i9 9900K continues to be a superbly viable choice for high-end gaming PCs in 2021. While the newest crop of processors from each Intel and AMD is perhaps sooner on paper, chances are high, you’ll be hard-pressed to note the small benefit that these CPUs maintain over the 9900K in actual life. Moreover, the 9900K can be a bit cheaper these days resulting from its age, so it may be an important deal in case you are wanting for a high-end gaming processor however don’t fairly have the budget for a flagship gaming CPU such because the 11900K from Intel or the 5900X from AMD.

      What motherboard should I get for i9 11900k?

      Although Any high-end motherboard with PCIe 4.0 assist and first rate overclocking capabilities would do. But in case you are nonetheless confused, simply go for the ASUS ROG Maximus XIII with the best overall performer and the best i9-11900k motherboard about overclocking expertise and thermal efficiency.

      Which motherboard is best for i9 processor?

      MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE is the best motherboard for i9 11900K with the best efficiency and the best features out there. It will genuinely unleash the powers of an i9 processor when coupled with an appropriate GPU and can deliver essentially the most FPS in your intense gaming session.

      Is i9 11900k good for gaming?

      I9 11900K is an eight-core 16 thread processor with a better IPC than its previous-gen predecessor. Due to greater IPC, its single-core efficiency is considerably higher than the previous-gen lineup. It delivers a 20% efficiency increase in some video games when coupled with a complementing motherboard like Gigabyte Z590 AORUS MASTER, which boosts its overclocking skills.

      Is Z490 suitable with 11900k?

      Absolutely. Z490 motherboard will assist 11900K processors, although it does not have PCIe 4.0 assist. But till GPUs that absolutely make the most of the PCIe 4.0 bandwidth are created, it is not a giant deal for now. Motherboards like ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA that belong to the Z490 chipset can increase the i9 11900K processor to its highest clock without breaking sweat. This previous-gen flagship can nonetheless go away behind many more moderen boards in ashes in overclocking efficiency.

      What is the best motherboard for i9 9900k?

      Factoring in all of the features and power of Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme, we consider it takes the lead because the best motherboard for i9 9900k.

      How a lot RAM do I want for i9 9900k?

      To maximize the efficiency of your PC utilizing Intel’s i9 9900k, you should use the utmost RAM supported by your motherboard. With that stated, RAM virtually isn’t interrelated with the efficiency of CPU, however does guarantee clean multitasking in functions.

      Does i9 9900k want liquid cooling?

      You should think about varied factors earlier than deciding if you would want liquid cooling for i9 9900k. If your motherboard affords good VRM phases and higher heat dissipation utilizing heat sinks, you’re good with only the CPU Fan Cooler. However, if you’re seeking to overclock the CPU to its full potential, you’re higher off utilizing liquid cooling.

      What is the best GPU for i9 9900k?

      Even although it relies on what you factor in because the best. However, the newest RTX 2080TiIs positively a robust GPU to pair with an i9 9900K. It is highly effective sufficient to run many trendy resource-intensive functions and video games in a breeze.

      Do all motherboards assist i9 9900K?

      No, all motherboards don’t assist i9 9900k. First, it must be an LGA1151 socket suitable motherboard just like the MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390; then, it must resist the variety of cores that an i9 holds. Be positive to examine the product specification and processor compatibility earlier than making a purchase order.

      Is the i9 9900K overkill?

      Considering the trendy gaming wants, we don’t think about the i9 9900k an overkill. As a content material creator, sooner processors imply decrease decoding occasions, so it could by no means be overkill. Games in 2021 have grow to be processor intensive because of the quantity of AI launched and facial crowd uniqueness. We assume combining it with a motherboard just like the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme may make it overkill.

      Is it value upgrading to i9 9900K?

      Depends on which processor you’re upgrading from, the I9 9900k is a 14nm 8 core 16 thread processor, making it a high-end processor. We consider in 2021, AMD is main how in processor know-how. Still, contemplating the 7nm chip scarcity, we expect i9 9900k mixed with a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro motherboard can be your best guess.

      Is i9 9900K good for gaming?

      i9 9900k is the stature of gaming processors. It led how to make some information that weren’t possible. Eight cores and 16 threads are extreme portions for gaming PCs. Combining it with an overclocking powerhouse ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390 motherboard will result in some unbelievable gaming fps.


      A motherboard with damaged world information was included in our ranking of the finest i9 9900k motherboards. We’ve got a motherboard with up to five M.2 drive slots and a big motherboard with many connectivity options. The goal was to supply our readers and owners of i9 9900k goods with the information they needed to satisfy their CPU’s needs.

      Because this processor is aimed at die-hard gamers, we included some high-end motherboards capable of pushing the CPU’s limits to new heights. We also discussed Nitrogen cooling compatible motherboards, which might let you take your overclocking experiments to new heights. The choice of motherboard is entirely up to the individual. If you have a lot of storage, you should get a motherboard with comprehensive M.2 connectivity and many SATA ports.

      If you’re unsure about your house’s limitations and need multi-GPU connectivity, we now have a featured motherboard with AMD and Nvidia quad-GPU support. As a person, you have the ability to read each review and make an informed decision carefully. Not all disadvantages are disadvantages for you, and not all experts are professionals for you. It’s a personal decision.

      The Intel i9 11900K is Intel’s newest flagship processor, and it demands the right hardware to run at its best. Our team of experts handpicks each of the motherboards mentioned above after thorough research to provide the customer’s greatest experience as an i9-11900k motherboard. The MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE is undoubtedly the greatest motherboard money can buy, offering the best efficiency and features on the market. The latest i9 11900K processor has a massive 20-part power supply for intense overclocking and PCIe 4.0 support for ultrafast performance and efficiency.

      The ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus is the ideal motherboard for i9-11900k for those who want a budget-friendly approach, since it provides reliable overclocking and secure overall performance, as well as the latest PCIe 4.0 support out of the box. It can be outfitted with military-grade components for long-term dependability and toughness. We now offer the GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Elite AX for the budget client, which delivers high-end efficiency and has all of the required features at a fraction of the cost of premium boards. It also has the most recent PCIe 4.0 support, as well as overclocking capabilities.

      When looking for high-end CPUs for your computer, such as the Intel Core i9 9900K, it’s also important to find a motherboard that has all of the capabilities you require. You’ll also want your computer’s motherboard to have a high level of overclocking capability. As a result, just a few of the finest motherboards for i9 9900K have already been mentioned. Along with these high-end motherboards, you’ll also find information about their features and specifications. Choosing the best Intel Core i9 motherboard should be simple with the help of the fantastic shopping for information related to Intel Core i9 motherboards. However, if you’re still undecided about which motherboard to buy, consider one of our top picks for the best motherboards for the i9 9900K:

      However, if you’re on a budget but want an everyday desktop or PC Intel motherboard, then the Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390 motherboard is usually a viable choice. Although it’s the most cost-effective choice acknowledged right here, you get WiFi connectivity, twin M.2 slots, 4 memory slots, USB type C, and many different connectivity choices. Gigabyte additionally features a 3-year long guarantee with this ATX motherboard.

      Taking a look at the opposite finish of the spectrum, the Asus ROG Maximus XI motherboard is undoubtedly one of the best workstation motherboards for i9 9900K. You can count on wonderful overclocking efficiency from this motherboard. As for its connectivity choices, you will discover virtually every little thing on this high-end motherboard like 4 memory slots, twin M.2 slots, Wi-Fi connectivity, high-end USB ports, and varied others.

      Asus’s ROG Strix Z390 motherboard affords nice worth for cash to those that are wanting for a high-performance gaming motherboard. Even on the given value, you get wonderful overclocking efficiency in a flexible ATX kind factor. Some of its connectivity choices embody 4 memory slots, twin SSD slots, USB type C, and even Wi-Fi connectivity with this Asus motherboard.

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