Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K

Intel 10850k CPU Cooler

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Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K

The best CPU cooler’s purpose is to keep your CPU from overheating, ensuring you get the best performance. If you’re just getting started with overclocking, a CPU cooler will help you maximise your CPU’s untapped potential. Even if you’re running stock parts, it’s still a good idea to invest in a cooler that can provide the lowest temperatures for the lowest price.

Air cooling and liquid cooling are the two types of cooling available. Air coolers are still the most popular of the two chilling methods. A metal heat sink draws heat away from the CPU before being blown away by a fan. or by directly cooling the chip.

Liquid or water cooling circulates liquid through your system via tubing as a more energy-efficient and much quieter cooling method. If you’re feeling brave, you could also build a full custom water cooling loop that includes GPU and CPU cooling. Still, tube-bending and a lot of installation effort and cost are involved—not recommended for first-time PC builders.

Both have benefits and drawbacks, so we’ve selected the best from our respective guides: the best AIO cooler for CPUs and the best CPU air cooler. However, air coolers are generally less expensive and simpler, whereas AiO and other liquid coolers can be more expensive but include additional features, such as tiny screens.

Each cooler on this list has been thoroughly tested in the PC Gamer labs, so we can tell you which ones provide the best CPU cooling for your money under various workloads. If you’re looking for other ways to improve the cooling performance of your system, check out our guide to the best PC fans.

Intel 10850k CPU Cooler Guide

This is dependent on how you use it. Both air cooling and water cooling have advantages and disadvantages. Your processor is now the most recent one on the market. It may be overclocked and generates a lot of heat. This was also at a premium price for you. Naturally, you should choose the ideal alternative for keeping your system healthy. Water cooling is more efficient than air cooling or typical cooling systems.

However, due to financial constraints, water cooling may be a distant possibility for you. In such scenario, for the time being, go with the customary option.

Liquid Cooling vs. Air Cooling

Both air and liquid cooling have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each is crucial in deciding the best option for you.

Air Cooling

Given their low cost, air coolers provide exceptional performance. They last a long time and require little upkeep. A combination of fans and metal heatsinks make up an air cooler. Air coolers, on the other hand, are limited in their ability to adequately cool CPUs that are constantly subjected to high-performance demand, necessitating intense cooling. Air coolers (which sit directly on top of the CPU) are thicker than liquid coolers, which can cause clearance issues with your motherboard, GPUs, case thickness, and RAM modules.

Types of Air Coolers

The U-Type (or Twin Tower), C-Type, and low-profile air coolers are the most prevalent air coolers. The vertical stack of fins on the U-type cooler is parallel to the heat base. The U-shape of the heat pipes gives them a tower-like appearance. The heat base incorporates the lower portion of the pipe. Due to the spinning action of the fans, heat is actively dispersed via the heat pipes in this design. C-shaped heat pipes curve from the heat fins on C-Type air coolers. The fin stacks are attached to only one end of the heating base, ensuring that the fan is directed on the fins’ top or bottom.

Multiple fans can be fitted in a single device this way. The effectiveness of airflow and the cooler’s clearance from the computer casing is determined by how the fans are installed and their thickness. Low-profile (LP) CPU coolers are small coolers with a small footprint. Because they’re normally installed parallel to the processor, they don’t take up a lot of vertical space. LP coolers are best for computer cases with limited space and processors that aren’t meant for overclocking. However, because of their lower heat sinks, they cannot dissipate heat as quickly as more powerful CPUs.

Liquid Cooling All-in-One

Because AIO liquid coolers are located on the case sides, they don’t hinder the other components as much as air coolers do. Most air coolers cannot achieve better sustained cooling temperatures than the top-end 360mm AIO liquid coolers. Liquid coolers, on the other hand, require more maintenance and are prone to liquid leaks. When opposed to air coolers, liquid coolers offer a less appealing price-to-performance ratio. If you choose a 360mm cooler, you’ll also need a larger case to accommodate such a massive radiator.


Intel 10850k CPU Cooler Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Cooler for 10850K

Due to its high power consumption, the core-i9 10th generation processor may have heating issues. This would create a difficult scenario for anyone, and you are no exception. What should I do now? Because this processor is so new to the market, it’s fine if you don’t know the correct solution to its heating issues. It’s very normal to be undecided about which CPU cooler to purchase. Because the i9 10th generation is an overclockable processor, we’ve developed a list of guidelines to follow.

It is possible to run the 10850Kwith a high-end air cooler. If you solely use your machine for gaming, the CPU load won’t reach the extremes that it does during torture tests in reviews. This means that you should be able to run the 10850K with an air cooler and MCE enabled. If you want to use the CPU primarily for work, with it functioning under strong loads for long periods of time, an AIO cooler is recommended. AIO coolers are recommended for heavy overclocking.

With a good air cooler like the Noctua NH-D15 or Deep Cool Assassin III, you can achieve mild to medium overclocking, but not at the same frequency as with an AIO cooler. Despite this, attaining 5.0GHz is feasible. Working temps will suffice as long as you don’t do any hour-long torture tests. Also, keep in mind that with an air cooler and MCE turned on, the CPU should draw less power than with an AIO cooler. Working temperatures limit boost frequencies when MCE is enabled. The higher the working temperatures, the better the performance. Because air coolers have lower TDP ratings than AIO cooling, the CPU will use less power and perform slightly worse. But only under harsh conditions, such as torture experiments. In everyday use, there should be no difference in performance between an air-cooled and an AIO-cooled CPU.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best CPU cooler for your Intel Core i9-10850K:

What Is the Best Type of CPU Cooler for a Gaming PC?

If you don’t plan to overclock your CPU, an air cooler can suffice for a gaming PC. However, not all CPU air coolers have the same heat dissipation capacity. The supported heat dissipation (TDP) of coolers should be indicated in watts (e.g., 180 W). To avoid CPU throttling, you’ll need at least a larger air-cooled heatsink with one to two fans. Games and other CPU-intensive applications can keep your CPU at the higher end of its TDP ranges, so you’ll need at least a larger air-cooled heatsink with one to two fans. Even if you aren’t overclocking the CPU, if you want to keep noise to a minimal, you should consider a liquid cooling system.


If you want to overclock your CPU, how well you can keep it cool will determine your success. Inadequate cooling will either cause it to throttle down or destroy the CPU. With a decent air cooler, you can achieve some overclocking. However, if the cooler is having trouble keeping the CPU cool enough, your fans will run at full speed, which can be quite loud. When compared to air cooling, liquid cooling may achieve higher TDP levels. In addition, depending on the radiator size, fan size, and number of fans used, liquid cooling allows for a quieter system.

What Is the TDP of the 10850K?

The TDP rating is an important factor to consider when choosing the correct cooler for your system. When purchasing both the processor and the cooler, you will notice that each has a specific rating. Here’s the catch: Always go for the cooler with a greater TDP rating than your processor. Purchasing a cooler with a lower rating will never perform as expected. Even if the processor and cooling ratings are almost identical, it will still perform admirably. As a result, if you plan to overclock frequently, you’ll need a cooler with a higher rating.

TDP (Thermal Design Power) defines how much heat a CPU cooler can dissipate in watts. If the cooler is unable to keep your CPU cool enough, it may throttle (slow down), while the cooler continues to run at full speed. This power dissipation number is listed in Intel CPU specifications as “Processor Base Power” and “Maximum Turbo Power.” The TDP of the Core i9-10850K is 125 watts. A CPU cooler with a lower TDP rating than the CPU can nevertheless function. The CPU will, however, ultimately throttle down to a lower frequency to allow it to cool. Without appropriate cooling, the CPU may not be able to achieve or maintain maximum turbo speeds.

This power dissipation figure is referred to as “Processor Base Power” in Intel CPU specifications. The TDP of the Core i9-10850K is 125 watts.


Check the measurements of any cooler before purchasing it to ensure compatibility with your PC case. Three variables are most important to examine in this case. They are-

  • Height of cooler
  • Bulkiness of cooler
  • The radiator’s size

Coolers that are too tall for specific PC cases are available on the market. For this, you may always go to the spec sheet that came with the CPU when you purchased it. It’s best to double-check your height and avoid wasting money on mismatched coolers.

You might run into the same issue with the cooler’s bulkiness. High-end air coolers should be avoided because they will obstruct taller memory kits in your motherboard’s slots. However, the radiator size is also something to think about. The radiator sizes of the coolers offered vary, especially when it comes to liquid coolers. Always verify the spec sheet before purchasing to ensure that the AIO cooler you require will fit in your case.

Level of sound

The sound level can be a deciding factor when purchasing a cooler. Not everyone wants coolers that are just focused on improving performance. That being said, if you like a peaceful environment in your home or business, a cooler with a larger fan is for you. You might be asking why the fan’s size is taken into account. Large fans, on the other hand, tend to make less noise than smaller fans.

More fans usually equate to better cooling. They do, however, mean more noise. Because they can move the same quantity of air at lower speeds, larger fans are often quieter than smaller fans. If a cooler is having trouble cooling a CPU, it will operate at maximum speed, making it louder. The decibel level of fan noise is measured. Quieter values are lower dB. You can usually set the BIOS on your motherboard to use specific fan speeds at specific temperatures. When your computer is idle, this customizable fan speed allows you to enjoy a near-silent machine.

CPU socket

You might find coolers on the market that are compatible with only specific models of CPU sockets, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Even if the most majority of manufacturers build coolers, they do so with a standard sort of socket in mind. But: You never know, what could possibly take place. Therefore, when you go shopping, check that you have your spec sheet on you so that you can learn about the socket.

Mounting Brackets

Different mounting brackets are available for CPU coolers to accommodate different socket sizes. Make sure your cooler comes with a mounting bracket that fits. Searching by socket type is the simplest approach to find a CPU cooler that will work with your computer. The 10850K, for example, uses an LGA 1200 socket, therefore you’d look for an LGA 1200 CPU cooler. There may not be many compatible coolers in some circumstances, such as when a new socket size is launched. In these circumstances, a supplementary mounting/retention kit to accommodate the additional dimensions is frequently available.


Before purchasing the largest cooler available, make sure your case and motherboard arrangement allow for it. Also, due to size limits, be sure that other components on your motherboard will not interfere. Do your memory modules (DIMMs) have tall heat spreaders, for example? Dual-fan coolers can take up a lot of space. Fans for liquid cooling systems are usually mounted at the top or bottom of the casing.


LED lighting is included with some of the CPU cooler fans. In a similar vein, LEDs and even LCDs are sometimes included in the design of liquid cooling pump heads. Make sure that your CPU cooler gives you the option to turn the lights off if you ever find that they are becoming an annoyance.

Budget & Price

Air coolers are cheaper than liquid coolers. High TDP CPU coolers are usually more expensive. Advanced lighting costs more. You might choose a low-cost solution or a stunning light show.

Budget is key in buying a cooler. Prior to budgeting, you must choose your goals. Your budget should be straightforward if you’re upgrading your existing cooler. Or, if you’re buying a new cooler for a new system you create, you must allocate properly. In such instances, budgeting is key. You never want to end up with a CPU cooler that isn’t what you wanted. This will result in money being wasted that could have been spent on other PC upgrades.

Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K [ Full Review and Guide]


#1. ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 Liquid CPU Cooler – Check Price at Amazon

SUS Rog Ryujin 360 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 360mm Radiator (Three 120mm 4-pin Noctua iPPC PWM Fans) with Livedash Oled Panel and FanXpert Controls

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The Republic of Gamers Ryujin 360 Liquid CPU Cooler from Asus boasts a radiator that is 360 millimetres in size and comes with three Noctua NF-F12 fans that are 120 millimetres in diameter. This is one of the most effective CPU coolers available, and it was built specifically for the Intel Core i9-10850K. The Ryujin 360, in contrast to other all-in-one CPU coolers, has an incorporated fan in the pump housing.

This fan helps to cool components such as VRMS, M.2 slots, and circuitry that is in close proximity to the pump. In addition to that, the pump housing comes equipped with a 1.77-inch LiveDash OLED display and AuraSync RGB LED lighting, both of which are fully customizable through the use of the LiveDash software. Even if it is compatible with sockets made by both Intel and AMD, you should still check the full list of sockets that it supports as well as the clearance surrounding your motherboard to make sure it won’t cause any compatibility problems.


ASUS Rog Ryujin 360 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 360mm Radiator (Three 120mm 4-pin Noctua iPPC PWM Fans) with Livedash Oled Panel and FanXpert Controls, 360 mm
  • 1.77” full color oled panel for real time system stats and personalized logos or animations via asus live dash software controls
  • Industrial grade 2000 RPM PWM noctuid radiator fans and software control via fan pert reduces unnecessary noise while keeping your system cool
  • Patent pending embedded micro fan inside the pump housing to maximize cooling performance on the VRM and m.2
  • Aura sync addressable RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever expanding ecosystem of aura sync enabled products
  • Aluminum pump cover and reinforced, sleeved tubing ensure high durability

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#2. Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Check Price at Amazon

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid

Check Price on Amazon

The CORSAIR Hydro Series H150i PRO is an all-in-one RGB liquid CPU cooler. It has a 360mm radiator and an RGB LED pump head, and it was designed to provide low-noise cooling performance while still boasting a striking appearance with its RGB lighting. Your build’s performance will be pushed further while remaining completely silent thanks to the inclusion of three 120mm ML Series magnetic levitation PWM fans.

These fans provide a large deal of airflow whilst making no more than 25 decibels of noise. You may take command of the situation with the CORSAIR iCue software, which allows you to personalise the lighting, keep an eye on the temperature, and fine-tune the fan speeds. Alternatively, you can use the Zero RPM fan mode on the H150i to completely disable the cooling fans. The H150i makes it simple to cool your system while keeping it silent and looking good. It is straightforward to install and is compatible with the vast majority of recent CPU sockets.


Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 com
  • Customizable RGB backlit pump head produces vivid lighting effects to match your build. Air flow - 47. 3 CFM. Noise level - 25. 0 decibels
  • Powered by magnetic Levitation: three Low-Noise 120mm ML series magnetic Levitation PWM fans deliver incredible airflow and produce just 20 dB of noise at full speed
  • Powerful software: Corsair iCUE software allows you to adjust RGB lighting, individual fan speeds, and pump speed while monitoring CPU and coolant temperatures
  • Zero RPM mode: zero RPM cooling profiles allow fans to stop entirely at low temperatures, completely eliminating fan noise
  • Compatible Sockets: Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2.

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#3. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB Liquid CPU Cooler – Check Price at Amazon

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Check Price on Amazon

Keeping an Intel or AMD CPU cool with the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB Liquid Cooler is one way to increase the performance of a desktop computer. This is especially helpful when the processor is being overclocked or doing intense activities. The MasterLiquid ML360R RGB is equipped with three 120mm MF120R ARGB fans that are fastened to a 360mm aluminium radiator for the purpose of efficiently dissipating the heat that is generated by the CPU. The dual-chamber pump is equipped with a high-performance impeller and a tri-phase motor in order to increase the amount of liquid pressure that is transmitted via the twin sleeved FEP tubes. The interior of your case may also be illuminated with a variety of various illumination thanks to the many RGB LEDs that are located on the fans and the pump.


Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, 360 Radiator, Dual Chamber Pump, MF120 PWM ARGB Lighting for  AMD Ryzen AM5/AM4/Intel LGA1700*/1200/115X
  • Exclusive tech cooler master controls quality and builds on decades of innovation with 100 percent in house design and manufacturing
  • Dual dissipation our low profile dual chamber pump enhances performance and durability over our last gen single chamber pump designs; Sizable performance leaps over last gen technology
  • 360 millimeters radiator our aluminum 360 millimeters large surface radiator will remove excess heat from the CPU and cool with maximum efficiency
  • Addressable RGB LED addressable RGB LEDs on the pump and fans for full color customization that can be controlled through Cooler Master software master plus (To be released soon)
  • Sleeved FEP underneath sleek black sleeves, FEP material beats rubber tubing in keeping liquid where it belongs inside the cooler; Fan air flow: 66.7 CFM (Max); Fan air pressure: 2.34 millimeter H2O (Max)

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#4. Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition – Check Price at Amazon

Thermaltake Floe 360mm, 16.8 Million Color Software Enabled (TT RGB Plus/Alexa/Razer Chroma)

Check Price on Amazon

The world’s first 16.8 million colours liquid CPU cooler, the Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition has three 120mm Riing Plus RGB fans, an LED waterblock, and a Floe Riing LED waterblock. This cooler series is distinguished by its exceptional performance as well as its high-quality construction. The supreme level of CPU cooling is ensured by the use of a big surface radiator in conjunction with a high-performance water block and pump.

In addition, both the waterblock and the fans are built with a number of individually addressable LEDs, which enable them to be managed using the Riing Plus RGB Software. Users are also able to check the functioning of their fans and keep tabs on the temperature of their CPUs thanks to functions included in the programme.


Thermaltake Floe 360mm, 16.8 Million Color Software Enabled (TT RGB Plus/Alexa/Razer Chroma), AMD (AM5/AM4)/Intel (LGA 2066/1200), AIO CPU Liquid Cooler CL-W158-PL12SW-A
  • LGA1700 Kit available. Search ASIN B09LLYRWDQ, Thermaltake P/N CL-O032-PL00BL-A, to upgrade now
  • Patented Ring Plus RGB Software Enabled : Changes the light modes, colors, speeds, brightness, fan speeds, and even supports AI voice control in iOS and Android devices
  • 12 Separately Controlled RGB LEDs for unrivaled Lighting Control.Rated Voltage:12 V/ 5VRated Current:0.325 A / 0.4AMotor Speed:3600 R.P.M
  • 360mm High Efficiency Radiator with Push/Pull Mounting Support.For desktop:Requires TT RGB PLUS Software 1.1.5 version or later,For iOS:Requires iOS 10.0 or later,For Android:Requires Android 6.0.0 or later with screen resolution 1920 x 1080
  • High Performance Waterblock and Durable Sleeved Cable

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#5. NZXT Kraken X73 All-in-One RGB Liquid CPU Cooler – Check Price at Amazon

NZXT Kraken X73 360mm - RL-KRX73-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

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With the NZXT Kraken X73 All-in-One RGB Liquid CPU Cooler, you can ensure that your Intel or AMD processor continues to operate at its peak performance even during the most taxing gaming sessions. This liquid cooler has a radiator that is 360 millimetres in diameter and three fans that are 120 millimetres in size; it helps to keep the temperature of the CPU low so that it may operate well even when running demanding apps and games.

In addition, the chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearing fans of the cooler have been developed to guarantee that the device operates in a quiet manner. Additionally, the rubber tubes have been strengthened with nylon mesh sleeves to enhance their longevity. The Kraken X73’s cap is also built with a big LED infinity mirror ring, which enables you to spin and re-orient the logo for a clean aesthetic that matches the cap’s user-customizable RGB lighting effects. This gives the cap a very versatile appearance.


No products found.

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#6. Deepcool CASTLE 360EX Liquid CPU Cooler – Check Price at Amazon

DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside

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An all-in-one, closed-loop cooling solution that is compatible with both Intel and AMD CPUs is provided by the Deepcool CASTLE 360EX Liquid CPU Cooler. It is possible to personalise its logo, which is shown on the pump with RGB LED illumination.

The length of the radiator is 402 millimetres, and it is thickly covered with aluminium fins to assist in the removal of heat. Additionally, it comes with three 120mm fans, each of which is capable of operating at speeds of up to 1800 revolutions per minute, resulting in a maximum airflow of 64.4 CFM and a static pressure rating of 2.33 mmAq while emitting 32.1 decibels of noise.


DeepCool Castle 360EX Liquid Cooler 360mm Dual-Chamber Pump 2550RPM Aura Sync RGB AIO Cooler 300w TDP Anti-Leak Tech with PWM Fans 1800RPM CPU Water Cooler for AMD AM4 LGA 1700/1200/1151/1150, Black
  • DeepCool CASTLE 360EX AIO cooler water pump carries three-phase motor up to 2550RPM provides higher cooling performance with an increased flow rate while keeping noise levels lower than 17.8dB(A) even in full load for beeter user experience
  • CASTLE 360EX CPU liquid cooler combines upgraded water pump with high-density radiator and triple fans to provide mighty 300w TDP heat dissipation, water tubes measure 465mm length to ensure the flexibility during assembling in PC case
  • CASTLE EX Series liquid coolers equipped with DeepCool’ s Anti-Leak patent technology, the pressure-relief device in the top of radiator vents inner air pressure caused by high temperature to block potential leaking accident after long-term use
  • CASTLE 360EX AIO cooler radiator measures 402*120*27mm with 13 rows of fins and fin density about 24 fins per inch to realize the heat dissipation efficiently with three 120mm DeepCool TF120s fans to build a cooling system more efficient
  • Specially tuned DeepCool TF120s hydro bearing PWM fans each up to 1800RPM offers 64.4CFM airflow delivers extreme cooling performance for the AIO liquid coolers by maximizing both static pressure and airflow

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#7. Noctua NH-D15: Best air cooler for i9-10850K- Check Price on Amazon

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with 2X NF-A15 PWM



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Purchasing this storied item is a safe bet that won’t let you down. This air cooler is not only the greatest air cooler for the 10850K, but it is also the best air cooler on the market overall. The NH-D15 has a performance that is superior to that of certain AIO cooling systems, and it is only bested by the most effective liquid coolers with a radiator size of 280 millimetres or bigger. Keep in mind that this cooler is rather large if you decide to go with the DH-D15.

It won’t fit in every case, and it might not work well with RAM sticks that are very tall. However, if your case is able to accommodate it and you do not intend to overclock your 10850Kto its absolute limit, the Noctua NH-D15 is the most effective air cooler that can be purchased for the 10850Kcurrently available on the market. Read through our compiled list of the top low-profile RAM kits if you want to make certain that you have RAM sticks that are compatible with this massive monster.


Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with 2X NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fans (Brown)
  • State-of-the-art dual-tower design with 6 heatpipes and 2 fans provides class-leading cooling performance for overclocking or near-silent systems
  • Successor of the classic NH-D14; more than 250 awards and recommendations from leading international hardware websites and magazines
  • 2 highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fans with PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptors for automatic speed control and ultra-quiet operation
  • Includes high-end NT-H1 thermal paste and SecuFirm2 mounting system for easy installation on Intel LGA1700 (LGA17xx family) LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA2066 and AMD AM4 & AM5
  • Renowned Noctua quality backed up by 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, deluxe choice for Intel Core i9, i7, i5, i3 (e.g. 12900K, 12700K, 12600K) and AMD Ryzen (e.g. 7950X, 7900X, 7700X, 7600X)

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#8. DeepCool Assassin III: Best alternative to Noctua NH-D15 – Check Price on Amazon

DEEPCOOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler, 7 Heatpipes, Dual 140mm Fans, 54mm RAM Clearance, 280W TDP


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The Assassin III from Deep Cool is another massive air cooler that comes close to matching the performance of the NH-D15. For an air cooler, this translates to outstanding performance. This implies a substantial bulk and weight. The Assassin III is yet another air cooler with a brick-like appearance and weight. You’re going to have a hard time fitting this one into your case, so prepare to sweat and swear. However, it will offer great and reasonably silent cooling for the 10850K once (and if) it fits. We recommend the NH-D15 since it has been a proven and reliable solution for nearly a decade, but whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed. Both are excellent air conditioners.

Additionally, the fan noise is less “piercing,” so it’s more constant with the other fans in the case even when the fans are spinning up, making it less unpleasant in pitch; and the full load noise is substantially lower. The main aim here was to reduce the noise, which I accomplished! Temperatures reduced roughly 8 degrees from 72 to 64 degrees under extended full load (Compile the linux kernel version 5.6 with all modules produced, 24 threads). Although none of those temperatures were very high for this chip, and neither would induce thermal throttling, an 8-degree improvement is still beneficial since it allows me to operate the other fans at a reduced speed.


DeepCool Assassin III CPU Air Cooler Mighty 280w TDP 7 Nickel Plated Copper Heat Pipes CPU Cooler with TF140s Fans 140mm PWM 1400RPM Under 29.5dB(A) for AMD AM4/AM5 Intel LGA 1700/1200/1151/1150/1155
  • As the most powerful CPU air coolers in DeepCool, Assassin III carries seven pieces 6mm nickel plated heat pipes with seamless pure copper base to maximize CPU cooling efficiency for long-term usage
  • Ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts, Assassin III 280W TDP cooling capacity supports overclocked CPU in compact PC, remarkable heat dissipation performance can be even compared with 240mm AIO coolers
  • TF140s patented two-layer fan measures 140mm each, with the wind deflector on heatsink, it offers maximum 1400RPM with strong air flow 90.37CFM which carries heat away rapidly to build an efficient air cooling system for gamers
  • Assassin III combines both cooling performance and silence, which keeps noise level under 29.5dB(A) even in its full load capacity for quietness needs, attached with the LSP contained in the package, noise level will be lower than 26.8dB(A)
  • Dual-tower CPU air cooler including fans in total 161mm width wihout blocking most RAM slots, could be crowded with tall RAM, unclip the fan and adjust it higher if the RAM slots are too high to be compatible with

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#9. Scythe Fuma 2: Best budget air cooler for i9-10850K- Check Price on Amazon

Scythe Fuma 2 CPU Air Cooler, Intel LGA1151, AMD AM4/Ryzen


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The Scythe Fuma 2 is a fantastic air cooler for the money, and the greatest value for the Core i9-10850K. It costs far less than high-end air coolers while offering almost same performance. The Fuma 2 is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for a low-cost air cooler to cool down your 10850K. You’ll be able to use the CPU at standard speeds or even overclock it somewhat.

Remember that the TDP rating of this cooler is lower than the Assassin III and NH-D15. The 10850K is compatible with stock clocks and minimal overclocking. Simply disable MCE and avoid overclocking the CPU. The cooler is rather big. You could run into some problems while installing it. However, once installed, the two fans will give good performance and should keep the 10850K quite cool, as long as you don’t overclock it and don’t run MCE with excessive loads for long periods of time.

I looked at a lot of Noctua, beQuiet, and Cooler Master coolers, but either the colour scheme didn’t suit me, the pricing was too expensive, or the product wouldn’t work with my tall RAM (Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro). I’d heard of the Scythe Mugen 5 rev. B and Fuma coolers before (had previously had a Scythe cooler during my Phenom II days). However, while looking, I came upon the Fuma 2. When I bought it, there were no reviews, but I viewed several YouTube previews and it looked good (Dual Tower air cooler with a slim front fan for max RAM compatibility).


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#10. Nzxt Kraken Z63 – Check Price on Amazon

 NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm - RL-KRZ63-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

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Nzxt has long been a leader in the field of AIO CPU coolers. The Kraken Z63, which has been making the rounds in the market, is the newest addition to their cooler collection. It features a 280 mm radiator constructed of aluminium, which gives it plenty of headroom.

It is unique due to the LCD display that has been added. The current pump design is a significant improvement over previous generations. You’ll also notice that this cooler has far superior CAM software. The Nzxt Kraken Z63 cooler is intended for those that want to upgrade to a Threadripper CPU. You want the extra surface area available to allow heat to flow from the radiator to the computer casing. Also, for your chassis, see our expert-recommended best low-profile cpu cooler.

Also, it has the aesthetics to offer, as well as RGB lighting, which makes it appear extremely stylish. The overall cooling performance is excellent, and fan noise is practically non-existent. The rotating top there will also provide you a lot of versatility when it comes to installation.


NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm - RL-KRZ63-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - Customizable LCD Display - Improved Pump - Powered by CAM V4 - RGB Connector - Aer P 140mm Radiator Fans (2 Included)
  • Customize Your Battlestation: With a bright, 2.36” LCD screen capable of displaying 24-bit color, you can now completely customize the look of your CPU cooler.CPU Compatibility : Intel LGA: 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066. Intel Series: i9, i7, i5, i3, Pentium, Celeron. AMD Socket: AM4, sTRX4, TR4. AMD Series: Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 3,Threadripper; Threadripper bracket not included.Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for Installation
  • Stay In Control: CAM’s elegant, user-friendly software makes you the master of your PC with simple-to-use, intuitive controls, you can manage your Kraken’s performance and appearance with ease
  • Incredible Performance: Featuring a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings, they deliver silent operation, long-term reliability, and powerful cooling performance
  • Two 140mm Aer P radiator fans with chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings. Fine nylon mesh sleeves strengthens rubber tubing to protect from leaks
  • Simple Installation: With the fully programmable display, the pump can be rotated to fit the needs of your motherboard without affecting the direction of the logo or image

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#11. Nzxt Kraken X62 –  Check Price on Amazon


71ChY0qWjSL. AC SL1500


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As we previously stated, Nzxt produces the greatest AIO coolers on the market. The Kraken X62 is one of the coolers from their well-liked X-series. The radiator on the Kraken X62 measures 170 x 143 x 30 mm in size. It weighs 890 grammes and has a RAM height clearance of 35 millimetres. There are 1 fan(s) in it, and the fan speed is 500-1800 +/- 300 RPM.

Another great feature is that you can control this cooler using the CAM-aligned software. The Kraken X62 might be the perfect cooler for your unlocked 10th generation Core i9 CPU. It is absolutely flawless in terms of design and finish. You can manage the fan speeds, pump speeds, and even the LEDs that are configured to light up using the CAM.

In other words, the superior control system combined with CAM enables the cooler to deliver the desired performance. In comparison to prior X-series variants, the infinity mirror directly in the cooler is also a fantastic feature.


NZXT Kraken X62 280mm - RL-KRX62-02 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - CAM-Powered - Infinity Mirror Design - Performance Engineered Pump - Reinforced Extended Tubing - Aer P140mm Radiator Fan (2 Include)
  • Advanced Lighting Modes: With an infinity mirror Design, add amazing color and lighting to your CPU cooler for a fully dynamic lighting experience
  • Engineered For Performance: Engineered to achieve superior cooling while keeping noise levels to a minimum
  • Master Your Control: Using CAM, manage the performance with precision and make changes quickly, using the desktop or mobile app. You can even monitor pump speed and liquid temperature.
  • All-New Radiator Fans: The Aer P radiator fans included are Designed for liquid-cooling perfection; Providing silent operation, durability, and powerful cooling performance. Fan Noise Level - 21-38dBA

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#12. Aorus Aio 360 – Check Price on Amazon


Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux Series 360mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

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Gigabyte has been making computer components for quite some time. They are not far behind in terms of PC cooling. One of their greatest products on the market is the Aorus Aio 360 AIO liquid cooler. It’s a liquid cooler with an aluminium radiator that measures 360 mm in diameter. There’s a 60 x 60 mm colour LCD on board, as well as an 80 x 80 x 60 mm pump.

The fan can spin up to 2500 RPM and produce a noise level of 18-39.5 dB. The Aorus Aio 360 might be the answer to your i9 10th gen’s heating issues. It provides consumers with high performance at a low noise level.

This cooler is the best solution for your i9 unlocked processor if you want liquid coolers with low noise levels. It also comes with RGB 2.0 synchronisation, which is a unique feature. While you’re playing games, the top LCD display will let you keep track of the features. The fan and pump RPM controls are also included into the design.


CoolerMaster MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, Dual Chamber Pump, Ceramic Bearing Impeller Motor, Dual Loop ARGB, PL-Flux 120mm Fans for AMD Ryzen AM5/AM4/Intel 1700/1200/115X
  • Dual Chamber Pump: New Compact Performance Dual Chamber pump delivers the perfect balance of water flow and pressure for impressive cooling.
  • Ultimate Heat Exchange: High speed motor utilizing a ceramic bearing impeller forces balanced water flow to and from the radiator for ultimate efficiency of heat exchange.
  • PL-Flux specific fans: Inter-conneting air balance fan blades increased sturdiness and stability operating steadily at high speed. Angled inner rim of fan frame increasing intake of air, at the same time gap between from and blades creating greater air pressure
  • Enhanced Air Balance Fan Blades: 120 mm square frame ARGB fan designed with inter-connecting air balance fan blades uniquely modified for the PL-Flux Series.
  • Slim & Sleek Radiator: Low profile radiator with superior fin density coupled with performance fans dissipates heat rapidly.

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#13. Best AIO for Intel i9 10850K-  Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO –  Check Price on Amazon


Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm ML Series PWM Fans

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If the H100i Pro RGB is amazing, the H150i Pro takes it a step farther. Aesthetically, it does away with the H100i’s old school look that so many Corsair fans have grown accustomed to. The design, lights, bezel, and fans have all been updated to reflect Corsair’s passion for RGB. It’s a big item that won’t fit in every situation. The H150i Pro’s true secret strength is its cooling capabilities.

Despite providing top-tier performance, this massive cooler is one of the quietest closed-loop coolers on the market. The massive 360mm radiator is responsible for many of its extraordinary qualities. The addition of a third 120mm maglev fan, as well as a larger surface area than lower-tier versions, propels it into the top tier of coolers.

These capabilities, when combined with Corsair’s Link software’s zero RPM mode, guarantee that fan noise and use are kept to a bare minimum, only kicking in when the CPU is pushed to its limits. If the 45C default doesn’t suit you, you may also set the temperature at which the fans should start spinning. The H150i Pro is an excellent choice if you have adequate space, are looking for one of the quietest AIO coolers on the market, and don’t mind paying on a premium cooler.


Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 com
  • Customizable RGB backlit pump head produces vivid lighting effects to match your build. Air flow - 47. 3 CFM. Noise level - 25. 0 decibels
  • Powered by magnetic Levitation: three Low-Noise 120mm ML series magnetic Levitation PWM fans deliver incredible airflow and produce just 20 dB of noise at full speed
  • Powerful software: Corsair iCUE software allows you to adjust RGB lighting, individual fan speeds, and pump speed while monitoring CPU and coolant temperatures
  • Zero RPM mode: zero RPM cooling profiles allow fans to stop entirely at low temperatures, completely eliminating fan noise
  • Compatible Sockets: Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2.

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Final Thoughts – Best CPU Cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K

Choosing the best cooler for your computer is crucial, as it can affect its overall health and performance. For Intel core-i9 10850K, it is essential to select the proper cooling. As it is a new release, you may have trouble choosing the best one. We have compiled a list of the eleven best CPU coolers for the i9 10th generation along with a shopping guide to assist you in making a selection. However, if you have any concerns, feel free to leave a comment.

There’s an i9 10850K CPU cooling for any budget. Determine how much you are willing to pay and then compare the various coolers within your budget. The four coolers mentioned in this article will be suitable for the three price tiers. In the odd case that you cannot find a cooler that fulfils your requirements, you should opt for a bespoke cooling loop with massive radiators. The performance of a liquid cooler is enhanced by a larger radiator. But if you’re not planning to build a powerful overclocking setup with your i9 10850K, there’s no reason to invest in an expensive premium cooling.

Also, Don’t forget to check out the best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-10850K and the Best RAM for Intel Core i9-10850K and also Top Motherboard for Intel Core i9-10850K


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