How To Turn XBOX One X into laptop with Modder

The Xbox One X is transformed into the ‘Xbook One X’ laptop by a Modder.

The Xbox One X is the world’s most powerful gaming console, capable of running numerous Xbox One games in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, but it does have one disadvantage over Nintendo’s Switch: it still requires a television to play. That is no longer an issue with modder Eddie Zarick’s new “Xbook One X” portable system.

Zarick, who had previously converted the Xbox One S into a laptop and even coupled the system with the PlayStation 4 for the “PlayBox,” put the full Xbox One X into a custom shell with a 21.5-inch, 1080p screen. It also includes an alternative keyboard and additional USB connections, as well as an HDMI port so you can play the games in full 4K on your TV at home, plus Ethernet and optical audio out.

Zarick claims on his website that his device only requires one power cable, but considering the power consumption of recent consoles, particularly the Xbox One X, the Xbook One X cannot run on batteries.

“The device employs default Xbox cooling to keep the machine functioning even during ‘intense gaming,'” according to Zarick’s website. “The Xbox One X’s fan is excellent, and the heat sinks have not been altered in any way.” The air was pulled into the system from the bottom and exhaled out the back.”

To function correctly, the customised console will most likely need to be placed in a well-ventilated room. The Xbox One X, unlike previous consoles, uses a vapour chamber to keep the machine cool without the use of heavy fans or an extra power supply.

If you want to get an Xbook One X from Zarick, it will cost around $2,500, and he estimates that it will take him two to three weeks to complete it from the time he starts working on it. The system is certainly stylish, and it will blend in nicely with the other “stock” consoles in your entertainment centre.



Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft released a new version of the Xbox One, and seasoned console modder Eddie Zarick has already done what he does best: transformed it into a laptop. Mr. Zarick transforms the Xbox One X (available on Amazon) into the “Xbook One X.” It’s a laptop version of the Xbox One X. It’s not the most portable laptop we’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly more portable than a full-fledged console and all of its attachments.

You’ll have to commission Zarick to make you an Xbook One X because it’s an entirely bespoke creation. As this is mainly just a re-housed version of the console, the specs are obviously the same as the genuine One X system. The Xbox One X features a more powerful AMD Jaguar CPU and RX590-based GPU, allowing it to render 4K games and play 4K Blu-ray movies. The Xbook One X is slightly thinner than the One S system, but having a better processor and GPU.

Zarick transforms this console into an all-in-one laptop with an integrated keyboard and monitor using his magic. You can manage the system without pairing a controller thanks to the laptop-style keyboard, although controllers are still supported. The screen is a 21-5-inch Viewsonic LCD with 1080p resolution. Zarick’s previous Xbox designs were a little more slimline, with 19-inch 720p panels, but the beefier One X demanded something more remarkable. It’s not a 4K monitor, but at these sizes, 4K resolution makes little sense. You may still connect a 4K monitor to the console’s HDMI port on the back.

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